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Yeah, Trump attacks Ron, but has dinner with Kanye and Fuentes...so much wiiiiinnnniiiinggg.

Comment of mine, shadowbanned

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'John Brennan sucked a dick in 1976. That does not mean he was a member of the Cocksucker Party' PoynterLies

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If it was deliberate, it was diabolical..if mistaken, it was incompetence (and we don’t need our intel chiefs to be incompetents..do I need to remind anyone of terrorism?) Either way,USA loses on this one…


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Yeah, I was astroturfing on Reddit in 2016, asshole

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Don't forget Fat Indian Raj Rajaratnam

Anil Kumar, a senior executive of McKinsey & Company, and close friend of Rajat Gupta (its former managing director) who was later also convicted of passing information to Rajaratnam. Rajiv Goel, a midlevel Intel Capital executive. Roomy Khan, previously convicted of wire fraud for providing inside information from her employer, Intel, to Rajaratnam. It was reported that Rajaratnam, Goel, and Kumar were all part of the class of 1983 from Wharton business school

Rajaratnam also conspired to get confidential information on the $5 billion purchase by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway of Goldman preferred stock prior to the September 2008 public announcement of that transaction. The Wall Street Journal reported that a former member of the board of directors of Goldman Sachs and former McKinsey & Company chief executive Rajat Gupta told Rajaratnam about Berkshire's investment before it became public.[39] Gupta stood to profit as would-be chairman of Galleon International, a co-founder of New Silk Route with Rajaratnam, and as a friend of Rajaratnam.

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Unfiltered JoJo, with CrooklynCornPop, is hard on the eyes and ears



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This is anti-Ron bullshit.

Read the Financial Times article, not the "interpretation" by Cletus.

It's politics between the governor and legislature of a state


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Appoint Bob Barr, Chris Wray meme

Hire Omarosa, Kushner meme

Hand over power to Fauci, Birx, Pence because Covid meme

That was winning?

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R/The_Donald was taken down

TheDonald.win ended in a schism

This place has too many Juggalo mouthbreathers, Springtime For Hitler types.

And no Warrant Canary, either, as The Donald • win had

Lots of dumbasses, tho.

EDIT: Triggered, fragile dumbasses

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And the dim dumbasses buy into it

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Governor interacts with State legislature! BREAKING!

Such dumbassery.

Did he have a lunatic and a neoNazi over for dinner??

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In what was widely seen as retaliation for Chapek’s criticism of the legislation critics branded “Don’t Say Gay”, DeSantis signed a hastily written bill into law that is scheduled to dissolve Reedy Creek in June.

there are concerns that the costs of assuming Reedy Creek’s responsibilities — which include providing water, power, roads and fire services, all paid for by a tax Disney levies on itself — will fall on Florida taxpayers. Similar fears surround the fate of its nearly $1bn in municipal debt, which was downgraded by Fitch ratings after the law was signed.

Florida lawmakers are discussing a plan to create a “successor” bill that would replace the law DeSantis signed less than eight months ago. The goal, they say, would be to preserve Disney’s special tax status while chipping away enough of the company’s power to satisfy DeSantis.

Chapek, who had been an object of DeSantis’s scorn. DeSantis became a conservative hero this year for labelling Disney a “woke” company, while Chapek was blamed by Disney employees — including LGBTQ workers at Disney World who were angry about the Florida education law — for mishandling the episode.

But Bob Iger, who led Disney for 15 years and has stepped back into the CEO role for the next two years, is known for having a deft political touch. This week Iger told employees he was “sorry to see us get dragged into [the] battle” over Reedy Creek, adding that “the state of Florida has been important to us for a long time and we have been very important to the state of Florida”. 

Randy Fine, the Republican state congressman who was a sponsor of the Reedy Creek bill, told the FT this week that Iger’s return to Disney should improve chances that “something will get worked out”. 

However, DeSantis hardly sounded conciliatory this week when asked on Fox News about Iger’s comments. “Yes, they’re a big powerful company but we stand up for our folks,” he said. “I don’t care what a Burbank [California] based company says about our laws.”

a Reedy Creek official noted that the district produces more solar energy than any other local government in the state — with the help of an array of panels called Mickey — thanks in part to clean energy targets set by Disney.

Anna Eskamani, a progressive Democrat who represents Orlando in the Florida House, is a frequent Disney critic but agrees that it would be difficult for the public sector to maintain the standards of Reedy Creek. She notes that in addition to paying property taxes, Disney taxes itself at a rate that is higher than the nearby counties are allowed to charge.

"When you go to Disney there are no mosquitoes because they have intensive mosquito control,” she notes as an example of Disney’s competence. “Orange County could not do what Reedy Creek does.” 

It is an argument that Walt and Roy Disney might well have made themselves.

Linda Stewart, a Democratic senator whose district includes parts of Orlando, told the Financial Times that stripping Disney of the ability to build a nuclear plant or an airport could be part of a new replacement bill — along with allowing the governor to appoint two members of the Reedy Creek board.

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Sati or suttee is a Hindu practice, now largely historical, in which a widow sacrifices herself by sitting atop her deceased husband's funeral pyre

I think I finally understand how that barbaric practice developed

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Not sure if that's Hatchet Face, Stinkface or just Resting Bitch Face.

She was good on Big Bang Theory...as was Elon.

Don't think they'd ask him again, tho

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Appearances say coordinated.

Just like American Pravda and the DNC

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Well isn't that quite the murderers row...

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