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Not really, they're more like lab made synthesized goo.

Veggie burgers can be made at home with food you grow in your own garden!

Veggie burgers are very healthy. But I'm not a Veggie guy lol.

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As a New Yorker, I'd say Zeldin gas the vest shot in years.

Nobody likes Hochul. Even I'm my blue country, Zelding signs everywhere. It actually pisses me off 99% with Zeldin signs were too afraid to put out Trump signs like I did.

But Zeldin signs don't get destroyed or stolen. ZERO Hochul signs. Other leftists like shithead Morelle, yes. But way more conservative signs.

And Zeldin is very smart playing the NYC card for rallying voters, and I love that Gulliani got behind him (Andrew)

.I voted for Andrew, but I don't think Andrew would've had any shot at all, but he's still the better choice.

Zeldin would be a RINO, which would he amazing for NY.

It'd be like if Greg Abbot was Gov of NY

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See, here is where you screwed up. You can't let the common man have access to any metals! Or plastics. Because firearms can be produced by a craftsmen with these common materials, and so it should be outlawed to have anything at all!!!!

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Lincoln traded one form of slavery for another. Now we're all economic slaves.

You can't own property in USA. You lease it from the government.

You don't keep your paycheck.

It's so far gone it's insane. I understand why they need/want property tax. But it irks me, and property tax alone is why many properties are not affordable for people to own.

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And in the process, he gave us income tax and created the foundation for economic slavery.

Slavery had to end either way.

But I'm sure since you are very against slavery that you have no Chinese or Indian produced goods in your life.

Because of course, it would be very hypocritical to be morally against slavery, but in favor of purchasing slave produced goods to enrich your personal life (because we are ALL aware of the on going slavery worldwide)

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Why would anyone eat fake meat? Why not just have a veggie burger? I'm not a fan, but I know many meat lovers who also enjoy veggie burgers.

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Question for those who know: who is North Korea loyal or a puppet too?

I was always under the impression that China controlled NK, but I'm not so sure considering China doesn't give them all that much in aid.

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That's so sick! Puts my collection of 12 to shame!

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Let the people decide. That's what "power of the people" means.

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Yeah, she's totally a Bush type. She does some good things, but she is fake as fuck. I don't hate her, yet. But I tried explaining to my dad she's a phony in it for special interests.

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I remember all those White Lives Matter folks destroying cities, doing billions in damage nationwide.

I also remember being terrified to drive through far right, ultra white towns. The leftists, anti racist locations feel soo much safer...

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This is just a conspiracy theory. Election fraud swinging elections doesn't exist. Unless Russia does it. But Americans doing it? No way. Not possible to break the law and pass off illegitimate votes.

Jokes aside, the majority of illegal votes are placed IN THE NAME of legal voters.

A large % of legal voters don't vote. But criminals vote with their names, and fill out ballots for them.

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The thing for democrats is that they have nowhere to go but down, unless they change completely.

Conservatives have no where to go but up. Conservatvies. Not Republicans.

Gop is crap.

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Pretty sure this came out months ago, and has since changed.

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Well, no need to knock him. I'm sure he had rice n beans and empanadas occasionally! He's practically a minority!

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Repealing section 230 could be the death of social media all together...

It can be bad for free speech, that's the issue. Tough to say. Allowing mean or hateful speech should be allowed.

But the companies are censoring political speech, not just hateful comments.

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A black woman who doesn't want adults cursing around children? I'm happy to see and hear that. People like that break the failures and move on to better futures.

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If "toxicily masculine" men all died tomorrow, everyone would be completely fucked.

If all the soy men died, we'd be fucked economically in some ways, lose a lot of bad jobs like lawyers and such, and silicon Valley would fall.

So, we'd basically see digital failures which would hurt the world in many ways, but we'd revert back to the 70s and earlier, and life would be great, and we'd still have ample food, water, oil, and other necessities.

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This just shows how much of a joke Zelensky is.

Allowing the PEOPLE to decide which country they want to be a part of isn't supporting Russia, or Ukraine. It's supporting democracy.

Dudes such a fag. Globalists are all such limp wristed cocksuckers.

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I like seeing it, but I do prefer All Lives Matter.

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Isn't it weird how in the majority white areas, with majority white people walking down the street, that it's only black people who don't use the sidewalks?

I dont freaking understand it. So stupid.

Also, why should it be surprising most Jay walking offenses occur in densely populated cities, aka where most black people live?

You're not gonna have jay walking issues in the country, or suburbs, because people in the suburbs have common sense to not get run over by cars.

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Imagine thinking straight people, or even most gay people want to watch a cringe movie like this.

I find the straight ones to be cringy junk too, but a gay one somehow makes it even less appealing.

Comedy movies don't do so well at the movies these days, but it's even worse because most of the comedies are absolute garbage. I'll stick to my 90s comedies.

Oh, and this dude said he didn't want any conservatives to see it, including gay conservatives hahaha.

Happy to see it fail. Dude cites "these review scores are very high!".

Yeah. Because it's a gay film. Gay films get special, unfair treatment by corporations.

Now, if yall wanna see a cool looking scary movie, terrifier 2 comes out this week. Super gory slasher.

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I can see it in Brazil... usa, not so much.

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I respect AL for keeping his political views to himself. Been a fan since I was 10 or so. I remember finding the "running with scissors" CD as a kid. So fun lol.

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