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What do you mean by "our side"?

You mean white leftists sided with white leftists? Cause conservatives didn't get down on their knees and apologize for being white.

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Seriously. Like with the whole abortion stuff, the leftists destroy their own cause by acting so childish and rude to anyone who disagrees.

They don't understand that most people still want civility in a debate.

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Dude. The leftists literally think Ukraine is winning. It's insane...

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Not compared to many other states. I e joked traveling through West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, etc.

I know they have ghettos and liberals too, but they're run properly in comparison to leftist states where ALL the cities go to shit.

Leftist states have nice towns. Terrible cities.

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It's a win for DeSantis because (correct me if I'm wrong) he proposed the maps.

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Florida is awesome. Way better politicians than Texas has.

I'd like to move there in the future. Florida's major cities overall are still nice places.

I'm in NY, and all of our larger cities are shit.

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Obviously not. My handle on Truth is @MagaMan001142.

Can't have more than one account, unless you have multiple phone numbers.

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I just find it hilarious they make a point to join Truth Social to bitch and be unhappy 24/7.

And it funny when I respond, thanking them for joining, explaining how they're helping Truth grow, and simultaneously helping fatten Trumps pockets.

But hey, if you don't care see what "nobodies" have to say in this world, I suggest going on a different platform that P.win, and following a bunch of "top experts"!

Us nobodies don't know anything about anything. We are NOBODIES after all!

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Yes and no. Asians also get screwed in some scenarios, such as college acceptance and whatnot.

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Lmao, affirmitative action is literally proof of black privilege.

It means hiring people based on race, even if a white person is MORE QUALIFIED than the black person is.

That would be the definition of racial privilege. Being chosen for positions over others solely due to race, not credentials and what you have to offer.

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In some ways, yes. In other ways, no.

Imagine no communication online in today's world of wokeness.

How would we spread our ideas and messages? Only on a local level.

I likely wouldn't be aware of 98% of the things I know as far as corruption. Because who would have influenced me?

Tv? Msm? Newspapers? Magazines?

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Then you must live comfortably in a regular sized home like everyone else, you bigot!

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"Fuck billionaires"...

And where would we be innovation wise without billionaires exactly?

Why would Steve Jobs have moved past the first black and white iPad?

Why go further for no money? Why not just retire?

Stop at windows 95.

Stop before tesla ever existed.

Why would Wegmans expand?

Leftists are so freaking retarded.

Yes, corporate greed is a real issue, especially considering they play dirty.

But getting rich and being rich doesn't mean you're evil.

And there's nothing wrong with people being filthy rich.

Guess what? If every leftists against billionaires didn't buy everything from mega corporations as they do, there might not be many billionaires.

But leftists are obsessed with buying items. Because to them, material goods are fulfillment.

Try and find a leftist without more than one media streaming service.

Now, many conservatives I know have zero services. They have the inclination and intelligence to access all content free of charge.

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Lol, he legit insulted him using his white skin as a way to knock him, then gets upset if others do the same to him in DEFENSE of the person he attacked for no reason.

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I'm not sure which this is most... truth, hypocrisy, or irony lmao.

This is amazing.

"It's okay when we do it. You can't do that, you evil dictators!".

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Leftie was claiming most Americans didn't receive a tax cut, ans just the rich did. I provided a NYT article proving otherwise.

Their rebuttal: "NO I DID NOT!".

Lmao. These people are half retarded. You can't have a logical argument with someone who can't admit the average American paid less in taxes.

Sane as the idiots who said "OMG. My tax return was so much lower. Screw Trump!".

Uh. Paid less taxes = smaller tax return.

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Lmao. This leftist argument is like saying it's not cheaper to eat at home because of the time it takes to cook.

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Thats for sure. Idrc though. Trumps endorsement hands down helped Ron DeSantis beat that drugged up homo.

To think, Ron wasn't very known back then. Now he's America's favorite governor.

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Pretty sure this is false. He's had some losses lately. Pretty sure Madison Crawthron tonight is one. Possibly Oz as well.

Not a big deal though. He's not gonna win em all.

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Agreed. It doesn't matter. It's always been rigged. And the swamp chose Trump for 2016, right?

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