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I agree. I'm just gonna assume it was of the more melenated variety.

That's what I'm gonna say from now on. "Must've been melanated". But yeah, idk location here... could've been white leftists too. All depends on location.

Looting is mostly black, destruction is 50/50 depending on location.

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Exactly. The whole point of immigration is to raise gdp. Nothing else.

I for one can care less about economics at this point, on a national competing standpoint that is.

A nation, like a corporation, forever chasing rising profits is doomed to eventually fall behind.

Basing a society off of economic growth rather than improving people's lives sucks.

Of course you need to have money to have nice things and a luxurious life, but using migration to raise GDP is making all of our lives harder and less fruitful.

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Coconut oil isn't too bad either. But animal fat is #1

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Ben Carson is better than most white men who are in or had positions of power.

Look at the 1 black man on the SC. He's better than every single person there.

Remember, ifs culture, not skin color. And Ben Carson has good culture. If the world was full of Ben Carsons, it would be a much better place.

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Lawless? We'd get arrested for Jay walking lol.

The lawless are those who can illegally protest in congressional buildings without facing arrest or extreme charges that alter their lives.

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The people clearly already made their minds up, hence why Trump is always at a minimum 35 points up on every other candidate.

So, he's doing the right thing, addressing the people!

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Weird. I use rumble on my phone, nvidea shield, or TV and all work fine for me. But yeah, Rumble still has work to do for sure.

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Yep... we need some actual alternatives. Android and iPhone. That's its, aside from total junk.

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Thank you! Idk how people who post here STILL post YT links...

Edit: youtube had 25k viewers

Rumble has 40k+ viewers.

Youtube rsbn has 1.5 million subs

Rumble rsbn has less than 500k subs

Youtube has 2 billion monthly users

Rumble has 45 million monthly users.

Yet, rsbn still is outperforming on Rumble as opposed to a platform that has 25-50x more people on it!

Kick ass!!!

Use rumble. They need the help right now.

Upload videos to it. Watch livestreams every day.

Real America's Voice is great for morning news.

Those who like Newsmax (I don't lol), it's on there live, free.

Infowars, Salty Cracker, Dan bongino, Mike Lindell, soo many others.

Lots of gamers on there too!

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"I don't hate white people. I just know that all whites need to die to end racism".

Seems a bit ironic, no?

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The freedom lover in me agrees people should be able to do any drug they want to... the realist and conservative in me knows this leads to societal decay, and destroys human beings as a whole.

So, naturally, I'm against using certain drugs. But it's tough to say.

I like alcohol and nicotine. I don't think drugs like cocaine are all that dangerous in reality, if not abused, like anything else.

And I said cocaine, not street drugs laced with random junk that's way more dangerous.

I recall reading about how there once was a huge opium trade, and that's where the war on drugs started, because the Asians using it were seeing society go down, and the British and colonists were also using it to some degree, and they began to see how much it was harming them.

Alcohol is dangerous yes, but if you aren't an alcoholic, it's not the worst thing and generally won't change your day to day life.

Other drugs do, very quickly.

I was formerly addicted to kratom some years back. Never did hard drugs. The stuff was hard to quit, but I'm always grateful I made the decision to stop forever.

I think its an amazing plant that can be so beneficial to those in need of releif... better than taking a pill.

But for recreational use, like I was using, no good!

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Yep, it sold for cheaper than it cost to build I'm the 60s! It cost around $60 million to build, and Trump picked it up for a steal.

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Mar a Lago is on 20 acres. So nearly 10x the land, and tons of luxury construction.

It's realistically worth anywhere from $550 million to $1 billion

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People who live nearby should organize "protests" outside the court house to yell insults at these scumbags.

People shouldn't be complacent. Make a scene, so the horrible crimes cannot go unpunished, and make the public more aware of the decline.

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Yup, and Kamala likely promised as a pick for SC to push her aside

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I use rumble daily. Even started my own channel posting some stupid troll gaming videos.

For those who don't use it much, check it out.

Go to live, and watch Real America's Voice for a nice morning news show.

All rallies and MAGA events. Salty Cracker, info wars, Don Jr's Triggered, Lindell TV, and so many others.

Dan binging obviously. I didn't use rumble except for RSBN livestreams a year ago... now I use it daily almost.

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