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Not gonna have any walls left by the time you shoot all those!

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I heard him joke about it and someone else said it. He laughed when they said it and then said if he commits suicide it's fake. I didn't hear him seriously say he thought he was in any danger.

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I knew he was gonna sound like a flaming fag and call out 'trauma' bullshit from Trump. These people aren't afraid of trauma, they're afraid of losing power, otherwise they wouldn't let Antifa stay on there saying to kill white people.

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Make sure you watch the hour long one where he rambles about the tweet the entire time, then plugs his shit.

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lol look how much of their life they've wasted trying to troll us, and they'll still never be a woman

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He's already done more philanthropy than Gates and Bezos combined.

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People were melting into the street in Dresden. Precision wasn't a thing then, so they just made civilians swim in hellfire.

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Brb I'm gonna go wash off with my Jew soap and then turnout my Jew lampshade lights. The lies never stop, do they? Nobody is debating if the war happened, we're debating the narrative of that war. You won't hear the real truth in a history book, because victors write the history.

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Fact Check - FALSE: Twitter did not suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, that was 90% of the Communist individuals working at Twitter.

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I was referring to Jews in the states. They gave Israel to Jews after instigating the war.

There are multiple letters proving Hitler tried to avoid war with the West on multiple occasions. Germany was booming, there was no reason to start a 2-front war. If anything, it was Churchill's war, with Jewish masters pulling his strings.

The Holocaust wasn't even a thing until after the war and there has never been documentation for any orders of mass killings. Whether or not one believes those things happened to the extent they did or why they died is irrelevant when discussing who instigated the fight.

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It's been revealed. The issue is they control so much shit nobody can do anything or talk about it. Kanye is the largest example. I'm not sure who's actually winning, Kanye or them.

It's clearly Kanye's goal to show the world what happens when you say you love everyone and criticize Jews in the slightest.

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Yep, it's not an incitement to violence for posting a symbol. Ukraine is flying swastikas and Nazi imagery while at war, using Starlink and Twitter. What the fuck

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Male tax. Now go die in war and reflect on your privilege, fellas!

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I don't like him better with cauliflower ear either!

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This is a win-win for many who had been paying off their loans. Pay 10k and have 10k remaining, you break even. Pay 10k and don't have that money wasted while owing another 10k, you break even.

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