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Same hah hes based af

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The technology elites have most of the populations heads stuck in their platforms and their minds have been stolen

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Weird how all these media folk and politicians offspring always get the same jobs and influence

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This one ended and life went back to normal, it feels this time it won't, but only time will tell I guess

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Strange how it seems to be exactly the same playbook everytime, this time feels more sinister though. Being worldwide etc. Also with the technology control they have now

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He seems based as fuck. Reminded me of real journalism. Imagine that, just asking normal legit questions these days makes you the villain.

True by Maaam
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Haha I'm glad pede

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Probably best just shooting in every direction, you'll hit one

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Naah they don't deserve God's help

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I like listening to him, frustrating at times because he holds back on what really is the truth, but its nice to listen to a reasonable voice that isn't biased in any direction, I don't get the hate for him here

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