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Do you mean all immunizations? No, no one is going to take your kid.

Second I am providing a service. You don’t have any inherent right to my labor or expertise. It’s my rules and my policies end of discussion.

At my daycare you dont have to have the covid vaccine but you will have to have some others. Don’t like that? Start your own or figure something else out. If you respectfully asked me if you can have an exemption I’d probably allow it. But with your entitled crybaby attitude I wouldn’t want to deal with you at any price.

Also if I had your kid here and you spoke and acted like this to me or one if my employees I’d tell you to come get your kid right then and find somewhere else.

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WTF are are you talking about?? It's against the law for schools and employers to require vaccines in the state of Florida. Public and private. It's also against the law for a business to require a vaccine for their customers or clients.

Here's the executive order:


Here's a summary:


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That and the "4d chess" gang.

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At this point their salaries are extracted from us by force. None of us are actually represented there.

by Tesic
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He must have gone to the Trey Gowdy school of patriotism.

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Pure democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

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Veterans are like any other group. When I was in the Marines there were a lot of great guys but there were also some WORLD CLASS douchebags.

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So our options are accept the uniparty so we don't get the uniparty? That's pathetic. Trump conceded defeat here without any fight. There's no difference between McCarthy and a democrat.

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They lost the Bohomme Richard because they couldn't figure out who was supposed to fight the fire burning up the ship and once they did they didn't know how to fight it anyway.

A troop of 1980's Boy Scouts could would give the 2022 U.S. Military problems in a fight.

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When the U.S. Government trades "The Merchant of Death" for one while leaving a Marine behind you can definitely not claim to be marginalized.

In fact, LGBXYZ1234+- (or whatever they call themselves this week) are the most protected people in the USA!

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The FBI does not have inherent authority to read our private conversations. It's time to investigate, dismantle and defund those commies.

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Looks like the voters are going to have to start enforcing that themselves. NONE of our leaders are going to take any real action to restore our rights.

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What incompetent idiots these clowns that run our government are.

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Democrats have done a great job with misdirection! I'm never quite sure if these terrible ideas are intentional sabotage or just pure stupidity.

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He throws like one. He's stepping with the wrong foot lol.

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"A beautiful woman who abandons good morals is like a fine gold ring dangling from a pig's snout."

Proverb 11:12

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Same here. I used to watch football all weekend, every NASCAR Race and every Redwings and Tigers game. Watching sports was my favorite pastime. As soon as the kneeling started I stopped and haven't watched a professional sporting event since.

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