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I question our history more and more each day.

With the levels of bullshit being exposed on the daily, I bet history is VERY different than what we all were taught.

Funny how they always leave out his plan to deport them all back to Liberia (and he began doing it too until he was executed by an 'actor').

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Told ya it was over 70% plus and the government was not telling the truth.

And its closer to 11% due to mass invasions.

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They will continue to erode the buying power of the dollar and tax the ranchers until beef becomes a distant memory.

Enjoy it while it exists.

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The fucking SOY oozing from each of them is nasty.

I should NOT be able to kick the asses of the majority of people in that picture.

I could use the wrong pronoun and they would crumble.

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They are also bad at leading so yes part/all of the reason an army of women ALWAYS fails is because the suck at war.

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I know WAY too many so called Christians that vote DNC / pro choice.

Fake fucking Christians who allow the murder of babies.

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11/70 is more like it

11 vs 13 due to illegals flooding the nation

70 because if the government is admitting 50 its WAY fucking higher

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Biden's wife killed herself and tried to kill the kids too to keep them away from Pedo Joe.

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Technically correct, the world police were fine with him until he spoke up and rocked the global homo boat.

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One is working and paying taxes, the other 100% is not.

The one being attacked is also paying money to the attacker.

It is fucking disgusting.

Talk about modern day slavery, its staring you in the face in this picture.

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Bet he gave one of his fan girl girl friends some money to spend after flying her private to where ever he was.

He dumps her and the global homos approach her and tell her she has a case and lawsuit for human trafficking.

Technically sort of kind of correct in the loosest most ridiculous possible way to interpret it.

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His track record of Anti MAGA anti American advice given to Trump is good enough for me to keep him FAR away from Trump.

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This ends one of two ways, with a wimper from the west or civil war.

Wimper is winning

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Locking down the border completely would be the right step.

Moving 20 US military bases to the border and have them patrol out 50 miles in either direction would lock down 2000 miles.

Don't even need a wall, simply trespassing on the base and you are shot.

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Nope because the government is lying about how it works.

Yes you OD on it but touching it will not kill you.

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They lower the standards or even worse remove grading entirely.

Its a scam and a joke (college).

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