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Democrats would never allow something like this happen. They need conservatives to survive. If there were no conservatives who would they blame all their problems on?

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Can someone please share the contact info for this town’s board who did the firing? I saw we inundate them with calls and emails.

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I wouldn’t stick my dick in her, but I’d play with her titties for a bit.

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I’ll fucking believe it when I see it. We’ve been promised evidence of this and that for years, and nothing ever happens. More and more tick tock.

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Not true at all. Trump expected Pence to come through today, and he didn’t. We were already in eternal slavery long before all of this. Don’t stop fighting.

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Trump had to say that. He needs to hold on to the power of the presidency as long as he can if we are to succeed. If he did anything different the cabinet may have invoked the 25th amendment. Make no mistake, if anyone but Trump was president right now our movement would be crushed in blood.

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For the love of god cover your faces pedes. They’ll go after you if they can.