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I would agree except.

Joe Biden molested his daughter Joe Biden covered up sexual assault by his son Joe Biden committed borderline treason by trading US positions for laundered money through his son. Joe Biden is doing that now with Hunter Bidens art Joe Biden routinely used his position to make borderline assault on minors of political friends

Joe Biden might have wanted to wish the guy Merry Christmas but Joe Biden has not once owned up to these transgressions

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  1. You are wrong in your assessment.

God accepts all who come to him. Christianity is the most inclusive religion there is. Anyone is welcome to God in Christianity especially sinners who look for salvation.

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It's scary because the shark is still out there and not wearing a mask

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I wonder what would happen if maga started pushing back on these scumbags like they did to us if we started to show up at their homes let them know we are not afraid.

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It's a kickback scheme

They give Israel 36 billion over 10 years

Israel uses it to buy US weapons

US arms dealers kick back a portion to us gov