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When was the last time your buddy collected pictures of children being abused?!? Right!!! Never!!!

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I coach a team that was in the same state meet, and this dude would be a scrub on my boys jv team.

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I was at the state meet. I’m standing there cheering on the girls, and I see this dude run past! I was just pissed. What a bunch of bullshit!

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This could be page out of my life as well. Virtually identical story to tell. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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I listened to her response and was sittin’ there scratching my head…. That chick is bad at her job.

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My kids woodshop teacher was a certified Chad…, he grabbed a kids cellphone (flip phone) and sawed it half on a band saw in front of the class. Old school OG.

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Your comment is so on point. My colleagues that are vaccinated are basically constantly sick nowadays. We are only 1 month into the school year and two of my most liberal colleagues have missed two weeks of school with COvid…

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V= variation… look around you. Is everyone the same?

I= inheritance… is there a mechanism for the characteristics of the parents to pass on to the child?

S= selection… do dumb asses and losers die earlier and have less children

T= time…. Over time do the above factors create a change in the frequency of genes in a population?

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I like Trump and Candace Owens

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I was working on my 1976 Dodge Dart that I resurrected from the scrap yard when a fucktard drives past on his electric bike and tells me to upgrade to a modern electric vehicle….what a retard.. by resurrecting a vehicle from 1976 I already outperformed his brand new Tesla… I recycle old cars retards.

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