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There are few journalists left, and fewer that reach a mass audience without layers of censorship. I would call the talking heads spewing nonstop propaganda influencers, or some other stupid term. Definitely not journalists!

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So how it works is you get paid more, but inflation is surpassing that raise amount so you get real wages tumbling

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You know they would never admit to being wrong. Fuck them all

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They can be one in the same in most demoncrat areas

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🔥 🔥 FIRE and FURY 🔥 🔥

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No, I am just waiting for you retards to kill yourselves one cut dick and tit at a time

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Says I would prefer not to share thoughts with utter demonic waste of life lefties. Demonic faggots don’t scare me, they bore me

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Lol 😂 you literally didn’t speak a single original thought there at all somehow That’s an NPC trait, faggot. Go get another booster and die already

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What do you want him to do? He's done more than enough. What have you done?

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The fact this is downvoted leads me to believe this site is seriously getting botted or spammed

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Or the false flag already began and they breached the fuckin capitol building by the time he said that and he saw it was a trap and was disappointed

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High energy, but not the only answer friend. Some dumb cunt brought them here. The damage is done. Let them have their small chunk of land and turn it into a living hell for those who follow them. Isolate this population and don’t associate or risk letting them drag you to their hell. And finally, isolated from these demonic cunts, live a good life and serve as an example to them so that they may one day learn the error in their ways

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I still have the same bullshit cucks repeating fake news and thanking they are vaxxed so they don’t get severe cases like the dirty unvaxxed. Everyone WFH though so just ignoring them and waiting for their 5th booster to kill them

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.1% population growth in total in 2021 mostly due to immigration keeping it positive. 40% overall higher death rate for 18-65 population than prepandemic. Massive illegal immigration and foreign population taking over highly paid technical and medical fields.

Maybe enough of America for now, but soon if things don’t change only parts of America will be capable/worthy of being saved. Huge swaths of demoncrat controlled parts of USA are looking permanently lost

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Yea sorry it’s getting stupider and stupider out there isn’t it? Sort by “worst” to see this as expected. Dividing and conquering such an easy trap to fall into fucking retarded race baiting idiots

I for one stand the fuck alone these days fuck all the sheep don’t care what race color or species if you a sheep go fucking die

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Well when you give your kids a hellish existence yea more are gonna check out. Mask up stay healthy stay safe dystopia ass shit

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Do it faggot. Do it all day and continue your blasphemous ways. And then study how your life turns to shit. See how you grow into nothing but a pawn to Allah spreading your hate where it is most convenient to us Muslims. Or be ignorant forever. Much love, enjoy the hellfire where you belong 😘

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Muslim culture doesn't have kids cutting their dicks and tits off after being drugged to hell. Muslims are growing much faster than any other religion. You will know the truth and beg for forgiveness. Until then, enjoy the suffering you deserve.

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