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Absolutely. Between him and DeSantis, really the only big gains we got in the house.

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Plenty of blame to go around but remember, Trump endorsed Oz...

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gonna go ahead and ask, "who are you?"

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Makes me sick. I'm hoping we can still pull it out. Looks good for Gibbs, but we need Tudor, Karamo, and Deperno.

All 3 proposals are still at 60% yes.

But let's hope it's just early voting...

Fuckery afoot - remember Kent County (Grand Rapids) is a city where DOJ went to "observe"

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I love your optimism, but please keep in mind that there are way too many rinos. Biden can certainly still pass legislation. GOP doesn't stick to partisan lines like the dems do.

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Tried to take my job from me, locked me in my home, didn't let me even get a haircut, didn't want me to go to my vacation home while they went to theirs, didnt want to let my kids in school, tried to keep me off highways and airlines, tried to make me show my papers to go anywhere, stole an election, made me wear a face diaper, killed loved ones, put COVID patients in nursing homes, didn't want us celebrating holidays while blm burned down the country arm in arm with Dem politicians, didn't let us visit our grandparents or be with loved ones in the hospital

Fuck all of that. No forgiveness, no forgetting

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If nothing less, the EUA needs to be ended. The government, big pharma, and the health care provider should be held accountable if you are permanently injured from the vax.

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I literally read on this site a tweet by someone that said they would vote for fetterman even if he was on a ventilator....

I don't know what blow back they are expecting... Because people are way too entrenched.

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I'll make sure everyone's comfortable after they stop trying to take my job because I refuse the jab, refuse to put pronouns in my bio, and when I won't be silenced as a conservative

Until then, fuck them. Hope they fear what we can do.

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It's amazing that the polls in most states are this close considering the travesty this man alone has been to our economy

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Tart with TikTok and Meta. Then we can talk

by k-doe1
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I love that these wildebeests are self-censoring. Thank you for making Twitter a better place 🥰

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Not to mention the ease of access to fast food along with the decrease of actual food markets vs superstores like Walmart which have like 75% of garbage on their shelves.

But at least it's cheap and easy!

I mean we even have delivery for fast food.... Read that again - an option for people who are too lazy to go to through the McDonald's drive thru

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I'm extremely curious to see if Elon makes a list of the general things he's had to change.

That's of course not considering the things they already deleted to oblivion over the past 6 months

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I'm interested to see if the identities of the council will be publicly available, and who would represent our side? A Romney type figure? Trump like figure?

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I love Mike lindell and everything he's doing for the country

I sleep on that pillow every night and it sucks.

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