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Lived in TN my whole life and bought a home last winter in NE Alabama. This has absolutely been the coolest and wettest summer I've ever experienced in my life. Of course I'm in the mountains so I'm sure that makes a difference. TN is absolutely miserable. I spent a week in Austin in July once and the 95-100 felt so much better there than TN.

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Lol this. The entire show is "Wahhhh white peepo stole our teepees!!". And then not to mention the "bad guy militia" with stars and bars and Don't Tread On Me everywhere, who were friends with the "neo-nazis".

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Good God she looks looks like Master Shake when he got plastic surgery.


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It's pretty hilarious how he has to constantly beg people not to be "racist" in the comments at the beginning of his videos, when every new video just totally cements the reason I'm racist lmao.

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Lol except even women and children are responsible for a huge amount of the crime, so it's probably more like 10%. Let's take that poor old man who got beat to death by a group of them the other day. I think it was 5 of them, 2 being women and one was a 10 year old.

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Shut it down!!

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"We finna get tha poplations unda fi-hunded mil and sheeeit gnome saying?"

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No. I mean they've only been saying they were going to commit some forms of terrorism on the 4th since the Roe v Wade day.

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Finally an accurate meme that's not just "Muh Nazis".

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How was she able to get a Tesla in the first place as an Uber driver?

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Don't lose faith yet. Everyday I get surprised to see more and more people waking up to the truth about it. People are slowly realizing the fact that we allied with communists and allowed them to control every aspect of our society, especially our education.

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