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Free rides back to Africa, so that they may return to their lands they love oh so much. Then, they can prove to us how much they can prosper and be great kangz again without the white man holding them down.

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I always get those Google news updates sent to my phone which supposedly "relate to my interests". Today I got one from NPR. A story about how four Arizona inmates are suing because they were given ivermectin to treat covid. The article then goes on to say that "Ivermectin was created in the 1980s as a horse dewormer and antiparasitic drug for livestock" and "there's no evidence that ivermectin works for covid".. I can't believe the amount of propaganda and obviously false information that's allowed to be passed around.

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You guys are making me so proud of how far this site has come. A couple years ago, comments like this would've been downvoted into oblivion.

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I was just told my mom is experiencing blood clot symptoms in her leg.. boostered 2 weeks ago.

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Yes, your people are the killers of Christ. And according to the Talmud, your people believe Jesus was sent to boil in a pool of excrement, so I don't think you believe in Jesus's mission.

Also, Jews controlled at least 75% of the slave trade. Stop blaming whites.

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I've been refreshing this site all day waiting for a post about this.

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Wtf is wrong with that reporter he looks like a cartoon character. He's super excited talking about this shooting tho, I'll bet he's kinda based.

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What a retard lol. He didn't look like he was all that poor either. How much do those things cost to go through?

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Several members of the Democratic have hammer and sickle flags, literally admit to being communists. For some reason you still call them Nazis. The state of conservatives.

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As long as you're not reading your high school communist issued history book.

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