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Just say “stop wearing the mask. You are scaring me”

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Those Germans bombed Pearl Harbor in 1933! Thats why Jews declared war on the German people that year!

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Cool. We all have

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Sue you stupid fuck.

Just argue that the mandate violates a medical workers ethics by forcing a medical worker to give you a procedure to a coerced patient (you).

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Phew. Longest two weeks of my life

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Capitalism and communism have more in common than nazis and communism.

Both destroy communities all for the greater good (more money for the rich!)

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So? Enough. We get it. Double standards. Nazis were right about commies.

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If we were worth our salt we would have a tally of every anti white congress person. Bills like this show where peoples loyalies lie. White genocide or corruption?

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Friendly reminder that if a commie steps foot on your premise, you should ensure that commie never takes another step off your premise. Do your part, love your neighbor

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Sounds based. Id prefer that. That way I finally have freedom of association, and for my fellow brothers and sisters to resolve their own problems than relying on a hit or miss police force

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I mean you are 100% wrong but thats ok.

As a white i prefer white societies and fellow whites. Just as a black person prefers black societies and fellow blacks.

Thats ok and perfectly acceptable. Mixing is disgusting

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