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Reading that twitter thread is nauseating.

“Since IQ shows non whites are retarded, then that means its invalid.”

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Picture of a black woman.

Sounds about right

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At this point invade us. I will likely prefer working for those overlords rather than the sodomite overlords we have now

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Sodomites. Use Biblical language to describe them

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Start a bank.

Offer 25% return

Use the money people invest on other things

File bankruptcy

Have FDIC reimburse everyone.

Everyone is a winner!

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Underperforming due to negros. Just put negros everywhere and everywhere will be average

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Human cannot produce it


Also the Rothschilds supposedly have over 50% of all the worlds gold

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Truth. I have been buying gold and silver for a few years now. I am about even right now with it. Still buying some here and there but if others refuse to utilize it, it will never matter

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Because the Federal Reserve owns your government.

The government is their body guard that asks you for tax for protection from other body guards that are owned by the same Federal Reserve.

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Love that passage. Encourages Christians to take the second step.

Once again, the first step is solely place your salvation in Jesus Christ.

The second step is to do Good works because it pleases him.

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