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Betrayal on all fronts

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Well, first off pray. Second, stay on top of what’s happening in the Covid long hauler program in case because the jabbed and previously infected are almost using the same treatment etc…

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You have the right idea. You can be cold but still have compassion/empathy. Makes no difference on her outcome but sets a tone of morality that the left never has.

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I’m so sorry for what you’re going through there. Parents can be brainwashed like a champ. Treat him like a child that doesn’t know better.

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I got permabanned for saying “Because the shot doesn’t work”. I then sent their mods tons of proof and tongue thrashed them for pushing this shit. Instamuted lol. Ignorant evil pricks.

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I don’t even know the scale used? Have that handy? Just curious.

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After visiting with the Texas Dems, she had a “routine” visit to the hospital and then all but disappeared for many days. She got the coof despite being jabbed lol

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People here just don’t get it. Watching that garbage network is hurting us. Giving them clicks, watching their videos, and especially watching the network live helps fund that POS network.

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