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When you know how evil this fucker and his handlers really are, on so many levels, knowing that there are people who buy this blatant lie is sickening. How can such a fundamentally divided society function?

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Abandon your aging relatives in nursing homes. No funerals for you. Remote learning, even for kindergarten. Small businesses shuttered. Get jabber or get fired, all for the "common good".
But please, feel free to carry on with your promiscuous anal sex.
Hard to fathom.

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Don't do it Pepe. Wait til you land and then shank her.

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"When in the Course of human events...". We are there.

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Is it that hard for you to understand that people who took the harder path are disinclined to rescue those who took the easier path? The entire loan/credit system, in its current state, is immoral, to be sure. But for God's sake, don't punish those who worked hard and lived up to their responsibilities.

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This man, with our help, is saving Western Civilization- the most evolved system in the history of our species. The world is changing, but the ideals of personal responsibility, fairness and justice regardless of one's wealth or status, mutually agreed upon truth and common sense, the social contract, and the bedrock notion of liberty for all, must be preserved. Plus, he is so cute!

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Many people went part time while working full time. Many people went to community college. Many people took years to get a degree while working, and even supporting families. Many people ate ramen and had multiple roommates. And many people repaid THEIR loans. You sound pretty entitled, kinda like a lefty. 😂

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Fixing the underlying problem and forgiving loans that were entered into freely are separate issues. Your reasoning is spurious.

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My family got zero if that is what you are asking.

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I hear you. It is just another slap in the face to people who do the right thing. Pretty clear that they want to demoralize conscientious people.

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