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You know it. The founders, having thrown off an oppressive government, absolutely knew a peoples' militia was our only hope in dire times, which they knew would come. These are dire times - look at Australia. Thank God for those who have fought and who fight now to preserve the 2nd Amendment in its full intent. I know I'm preaching to the choir, too.

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OK, this has to be a fucking joke now

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It is a non sequitur. No other explanation is necessary.

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No one wants a hot dog with mustard does not necessarily mean everyone wants a hot dog without mustard.

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Wait til they find out I shave my armpits.

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Most influential in his own head, as we saw.

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Great point. Lots of truth in that sentence.

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I would venture to say the great majority were.

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Good for him to get to that point. Too bad we all don't act on principle, instead of self-interest. Lesson #1: Do not surrender your guns.

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You are making a leap that is not logically supported by my words, irrespective of the issue.

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Did I say that? Or imply that? You are taking license with my words. But your argument is a good one.

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I think that is his own PR description.

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Probably called him the n word, too. Hate crime with a weapon - extra special detention.

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A faggot and a retard. Came here to inform the peasants and be adored (and drive traffic to his go fund me). Ran off rage crying and holding his ass. Officially, he larps as MAGA:

"Bill Mitchell is the CEO, Host and Founder of the YourVoice Network, Inc., the most influential #MAGA podcast network in #NewMedia today."

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On another thread, some pede called him a pedo - made me think we missed a great opportunity to really drive him off the cliff. Faggot.

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I can kind of see where, on some level, red flag laws make sense - no one wants a bona fide lunatic roaming freely with a gun intent on doing harm. BUT, how utterly naive or willfully ignorant does one have to be to trust the government with that power? Hasn't the Covid era taught them any lessons? Those laws will be abused, for political purposes, you can count on it. Stay far away from the slippery slope. Bottom line : shall not be infringed must hold, regardless of potential costs to individuals.

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LOL the caps. Has no one ever said no to this pretty boy before?

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