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Never encountered anything like that. I would call the clinic and find out ASAP. Ask them why your your consent was not sought. Seems fishy.

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15 days to crush the soul

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It appears that his intellect is as robust as his physique.

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Poetic justice.

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I know I should not laugh, but I do.

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Man, get out of their trap as soon as you can, or they will find a way to catch you for years with the intent of ruining your life. If you thought the vote counters hate a certain group, wait til you meet the ladies and gents of the IRS.

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He's busy blackening the souls of 2 innocent babies.

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Fake news - Trump never let that mantra fade, because it is true, and so dangerous.

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This is the value of "Let's Go Brandon". It does not dilute the message; it amplifies it and allows it to spread to places that FJB never could.

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It is happening where I live in a red state. Not to this extent, but noticeably.

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So sorry. I lost my best boy Copper, a16 year old English Setter, a couple months ago. I better not listen, I'm already crying. ❤

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Maybe she is projecting her self-disgust onto others. Aside from her weight, she is clearly a bitch. Also, saying that people's preference makes them a bigot would seem to throw shade on every homosexual, wouldn't it? I mean, why do they discriminate against straights? She has no logic - she's just pissed because she is fat.

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Imagine if the press were honest.

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WTF. Filth it is. The fall of the West is coming - unless we stop it.

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