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Honest critiques on Trump from allies for the purpose of making him more successful are no more an attack than spanking your child for running in the street.

Trump’s a big boy. Men sharpen one another, and sometimes it’s rough around the edges. If that makes you uncomfortable, it’s not my fault. Maybe you were raised by a single mom or you should get checked for low T.

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You know as well as I do that if Trump had put out a call to get shit done we’d both have been there and we aren’t the only ones.

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There is a place for the information battle. I understand that. There’s also a place for bearing the sword to eliminate evil and we are decades past due.

Also, you have the right idea but not everyone does.

You are viewing the information as a means to prepare the battlefield. Many, I would argue most, believe it is a means to acquire damning information and the justice fairy will come arrest people.

I support #1. Number 2 is naive, which I think we can agree on.

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Trump works for me. I’ll vote for him again, probably. But I am dissatisfied with my employee’s whining. He should stop.

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My argument is that we already know and should stop them instead of continuing to sit in front of our computers trying to find more information, and somehow I’m the enabler.

Swing and a miss, squirt.

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I didn’t run for president and talk tough about destroying the swamp.

When people say they’ll do something, I expect them to do it. If they come back with a large serving of excuses and bullshit, I’m not interested.

Trump works for the people, and just announced that he wants to work for us again. I’ll publicly state my expectations as much as I please.

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They’ve been chasing rabbits down that hole for years.

We already know who these people are. We don’t need to know more. No big secret information will destroy them. We simply need to remove them.

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Trump was the executive in charge of the FBI while this occurred.

He should take responsibility and stop whining.

All of you downvoters can suck it.

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Dekulakization is often the name given to the broader campaign.

The kulaks were well off peasants, often farmers with a couple acres of land. They had more than other peasants, so they were demonized.

The ‘proletariat’ (have nots, wage workers, etc) were indoctrinated to hate the kulaks very similarly to how hard working whites today are demonized as ‘privileged’.

The state supported violence against the kulaks, so after being indoctrinated to hate them, the proletariat were encouraged to violence against them. Think South African style farm raids, murder, revenge rape.

The state finished them off by confiscating their food, executing them, and sending them to die in siberian gulags.

Millions of people.

Edit - they also blamed the kulaks for sabotaging everything that the communists broke.

There’s more to it, but thats the basics

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I bet Elon will let you talk about voting harder on twitter, at least.

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We kulak now.

Stock up.

Edit: Aww man, not Sea Still again. It’s like subscribing to fbi’s newsletter

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We just need to disregard the modern, effeminate false Christianity prevalent in our time.

For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

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The greatest risk to the MAGA movement right now is a slow death from lack of meaningful action and purpose.

People were told to put all their hopes in predetermined elections. They’re going to watch for two years as the establishment betrays them while conservative influencers yell at them to vote harder in the next rigged election.

No one is interested in that and they’re going to take their ball and go home or look for more meaningful pursuits.

A movement which focuses on fake elections becomes a fake movement.

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There’s a pretty good chance that the apocalyptic prophesies in Revelation came to pass in 70 AD, before that generation passed (like it was said would be the case)

There are plenty of anti-Christs. Is Elon one? Probably. I’m less concerned about him at the moment than some of the others who are doing things far more dangerous.

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We’re not interested in having a traitor as speaker, just like we’re not interested in participating in the fantasy that is dependence on predetermined elections.

If the establishment wants to put a democrat in as speaker, it means there are effectively 410 democrats in the house.

That’s not our fault and if it’s the case, it’s a clear sign that putting McCarthy in will not serve our interests anyway.

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The Holy Spirit is in your heart. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father reigning from his throne.

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Right now the MAGA movement is dying on it’s own from inaction and lack of purpose.

The people were told to put all their hope in the rigged election. Now they’re about to watch McConnel, McCarthy, and the new GOP whip formerly employed by George Soros stab them in the back for two years while everyone yells at them to vote in the next rigged election.

That’s not a proposal many people are interested in. Many will shift hardcore to the right & pursue action outside the GOP but most will just begin to ignore politics.

You can’t have a movement based on fake elections, or it becomes a fake movement and it dies.

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