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They didn't have to get it.

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Apple isn't. I think it is all planned. If all shops are closed, control is bigger, competition out of marked.

With social media they can rage war and even plan genocide (see commission interviews few years ago).

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The Netherlands too, called Finished Lives Clinics. He can take his music with him.

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Showed it to a Dutch fire specialist: ,,impossible, something very strange is going on there.''. I will throw it higher up. Will take time, again.

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That's easy. But it has some dangers. I've spoken to underground people who followed the Taliban money trail to Doha. It explains all about Afghanistan now.

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So we can conclude that a lot of people are going to die, plus we need to keep our blood clean. The spike can be transferred b by sex and even touching.

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Spoke with a guy from there yesterday. Says it is coming and is happy with Putin granting them asylum.

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