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I can't believe just how many functionally-illiterate people are commenting. Thank you for not being one of them.

"YuO cAn'T wRiTe iN dUh CuRviSv HuRr HuRr". Except I already said I could.

I don't understand why anyone still insists on making kids learn it, other than ChiMo logic: it happened to me, so I'm going to do it to you.

Instead of a writing style where only the person writing can read it (and that's only usually), I'd rather if people could do useful things, like math. Maybe be able to convert metric to Imperial and back. Maybe be able to convert a fraction to a decimal and then to a percentage. Maybe know a bit about chemistry and physics. I can do most math below calculus in my head, as well as physics, and I'm not nearly as intelligent as I used to be before damaging my brain with large amounts of alcohol. I don't think it's too much to ask for people to be able to multiply two, two-digit numbers without a calculator.

Writing in chicken scrawl should be like knowing how to play a power chord on an electric guitar: something that's optional, that you learn because you have an interest in it.

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How. Many. Times. Do. I. Have. To. Say. It.

I can write in cursive.

Holy fuck. If I wrote it in your Bible would you then manage to comprehend it?

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Because obviously printed books no longer exist. Nice strawman. I didn't say anything about digital text, I specifically said printed books.

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So it's easy to teach them something that no one else can read. Should we also let them create their own hieroglyphs, too?

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Since the text has been copied verbatim into tens of thousands of books with readable font, your argument is invalid. You're never going to be able to get one of them in your hands to read it, so your post is silly from the start.

Cursive is one of those things that "It happened to me, so I'm going to make it happen to someone else". FFS, a significant portion of the population are incapable of PRINTING legibly, and some people want them to have to use cursive.

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You might if you were an elderly man. What won't cause a 20 year old to have a faster pulse or a 40 year old to break a sweat, is a daunting task for a 70 year old.

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Cursive needed to die fifty years ago. I had to learn it, and the thing everyone seems to forget is the only person that can read it is whoever wrote it, and even then it's maybe like 80%. I've seen way too many times where the writer couldn't even tell you what a certain word was without looking at the rest of the sentence for context.

The only reason for cursive is if you are unable to print your name really sloppy for a signature.

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That fuckin creature watches both sides of the road when it drives.

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I can't even get worked up about that. I think once a man is released from prison and finishes his parole, he should have ALL of his rights restored. If someone is so dangerous that they can't be a full citizen again, they shouldn't be released from their cage.

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This. The communist ballot machine is well-oiled and perfectly maintained in Cincinnatababwe, Columbusomalia, Cleveswaziland, and TuhLeeDUH.

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Should be. But they'll pay a fine and go right back to working for the swampers.

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Taking out the top is the only thing that makes a difference.

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Just like ranchers, farmers, construction company owners, egg factory owners, Tyson, etc, farther from the border, they get MOAR profit hiring illegals.

When it's not profitable to hire them, and they can't get welfare, they'll self-deport. Until then, enjoy Reconquista.

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Wouldn't it more properly be the fault of the doctors who wrote the prescriptions? How can anyone blame the pharmacy for filling prescriptions, since it's what they do?

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Words mean things, and when you allow the enemy to control the language used, you allow them complete control of the fight.

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