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Strongly worded letters incoming!

Watch, Schiff will win a Nobel prize because those mean GOPers wrote mean letters about him.

Schiff won’t be arrested. He’ll be exalted and the GOP will do nothing because their debt slaves to the same Uniparty puppet masters.

That’s why we have no J6 footage. What a slap in the face to the Babbit family & all the families of the political prisoners / ppl like rosanne Boyland who were executed on that day BY THE CAP POLICE CONTRARY TO THE FAKE NEWS THAT SAID J6ERS KILLED COPS.


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……except you have a choice to become or remain Catholic.

How much fucking fluoride are they putting in the damn water nowadays?

Did big tech boost the autism on chat gpt and train it to create fake accounts or what? Holy bananas Batman.

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Oh yea I forgot we can’t be upset that a White man was needlessly murdered because the media will call us storm fag Nazis.

So I guess I better just not care because I don’t wanna be called a patriot front butt fed.

I’m sorry. MLK Jr was right and everything is better compared to the evil 1950s and all those anti inclusive White neighborhoods.

I forgot how much I appreciate my neighbors yelling to my children ”fuck white people.” Thank you MLK Jr. Thank you DEI. Thank you Larry Fink. Everything is white peoples fault. Here, have some reparations. Heil St Floyd of Fentanyl.

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Islam didn’t invade but Islam spread throughout his people.

Ok Transbot.

Communists didn’t invade America, Americans just magically began embracing communism.

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Yea he’s trying to create a fake and gay paradigm where we’re supposed to believe women run the planet.

He’s a gay retard

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He got put through the wringer and cucked unlike Gab

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^ Found the gaslighting fed’s patriots dot win account

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Larry Fink is BlackRock’s CEO.

Is he an Aryan woman?

No. And no.

I’m all for repealing the 19th amendment.

But it wasn’t women as much as it was the anti-Christ baby dick suckers who subverted the original USC.

They also ran the slave trade.

But tell me more how women run the world fluoride brain.

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