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Yes, let karl speak through you from hell. Be his minion.

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Happens a lot. Superfly is another one. But he comments Marxist stuff sometimes. Libman is another where he copy\pastes term papers as comments but the whole time he's defending socialists.

They pretend to be based and then start pushing leftism.

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So you weren't talking about fascists? You tried to doll them up calling them something else.

You can't run away from the deflection you tried to do. Of course you'd stoop to insults. You can't defend what you're doing.

I got you emotional. All I did was cite the truth.

Go back to parliament in Canada with your prog fascist filth.

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I'm saying they're leftists. Not that we need a left vs right paradigm. They're hegelian followers. They're the ones pushing that fake opposition.

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Who the fuck cares about your feelings though?

It's the progressives who call them another race. You're the ones doing the shit you're saying is bad.

Eat a curb, ilhan.

FDR worked with Mussolini. You are the bad guys.

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More dehumanization from a progressive.

FDR worked with and praised Mussolini. Progs are and always have been fascists.

Even Noam Chomsky admits this.

You are everything you hate.

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Find the root cause of your indigestion. Tums is not the answer. Try pissing a rock of tums through your dick hole.

Not worth it!

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You know you're not ex anything. Your script here sucks.

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This is the major reason for the open border. Hundreds of billions in human, gun and drug trafficking is another reason.

But the mass rape of people crossing cartel controlled border regions spreads disease and demoralization onto Christians. Additionally, satanists get their pick of people to kill and harvest.

Spreading Santa muerte in the States is critical to getting the mass violence needed for a true national lock down. They're coming out of the closet more but they need far more demoralization and death to achieve their goals.

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Wait so you are comfortable defending Nazis because why?

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He also didn't want to wear a dress. Something kanye was willing to do.

Ok if I didn't include Dave's full argument then I cede the point about him.

My point about Kanye stands. Leftists come here to do the same thing. They pretend to be looking out for folks and noticing so much. But they are using that as the excuse to push Marx's most fundamental premise about why things are bad. You know who he blamed. Kanye did the same thing.

Luckily, we have the Teflon Don and leftists eat lead paint chips. They think they succeed at pretending to be Americans believing leftist lies.

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But Kanye was used as a weapon against Trump. He pushed a Marxist view to try and smear DJT.

Chappelle just wanted more artistic freedom and a slower schedule. Why defend leftism?

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She got her start not by suck starting massive engines but by protecting pedophile priests.

She did this as DA and then as AG.

That's why she was selected.

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They don't care about being outed as hypocrites.

The idea is to get this hypocrisy visible to independent minded people.

To see that the arguments leftists make don't make sense.

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I tell this to leftists as often as I can.

MAGA means fewer ocean going transport vessels. You can tell they aren't actually environmentalists because they'd rather have the destruction and no Trump than a cleaner planet and Trump.

Feelings over facts all day every day.

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That's still fascism. Which came from American progressives. Facts that you try really hard to obfuscate.


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