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Idk the mob sent messages and got rid of their top dogs this way for decades. Kinda their own "selection process". Sicilians.

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Joe Rogan is a beta cuck. Carano is more alpha than this guy.

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no kidding. Tell us something we already don't know.

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He is not worth the mention or the post. Insecure dweeb. Always has been.

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I always knew they were innocent. Only trouble makers are infiltrators that are guilty. PB are good men who protected patriots at the rallys long before J6 because the local cops would not protect patriots.

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This is a BIG WIN and push against the secular woke mob that has been pushing their radical agendas down our throats. The tides are turning!

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Yes, me too. I was involved in a group 30 years ago that was shining the light on the psychotropics being administered to kids like candy for all types of new "diagnoses" under the guise of mental health, i.e. ADHD and then came many others. Then and now parents still fight you on this and say they are valid conditions. I never saw the evidence. Lots of psych BS reports. AMA BS. All based on feeding big pharma its profits. I watched those numbers rise exponentially year to year like a damn had broken. And here we are today.

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Love this!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Many good natural products to choose from; coconut oil, olive oil, natural deodorants.

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He is gauging his responses not to turn off the normies. I thought his comments were well placed and especially the part about California and politics out of corporate (Disney) he did more good than bad for conservatives without turning into a red flag.

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