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And she is not a young woman. This is disgusting. Just pure tyranny.

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Both. And much more. Exposing all the GOP weaklings and grifters locally. Filling the PC with patriots. This must be done. Get rid of the dominion machines locally. Raise hell. Find out if you have a Constitutional Sheriff or if your sheriff is weak. If so find a replacment now and support him to replace who you have. Sheriffs are very important to your community. Esp with the taliban coming in. Support Constitutional carry in your state if you don't already have it.

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said no one ever who actually won something.

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Do you have to live in the state to sign petitions?

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Glad you are here. That is sad Pede. Not defending her at all just saying she knows she said that stuff and has to live with it. Not a happy life when you treat your baby that way.

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Stay on him Kentucky pedes to make sure he does something and not just talk about it.

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I hope you do. And with actions not just words.

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as if his popularity could drop any further.

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You get the grifting lazy weak minded GOP members OUT. You support new maga candidates and get them in office. You are on the inside now and you can have an effect on the voting outcomes. You canvass and get the GOP community back involved and join you doing so. It's going to be wild!

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Beautiful people with a purpose and allegiance to our Republic.

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And crying that was fav part to see. Love to look at those photos of them scrambling! Remember the weirdo Dem that was wearing the covid Haz mat suit? I wish someone had that and reposted it, it was hysterical.

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