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election fraud is dead

you doomer shills just won't accept it

you'll be crying in your kool aid after midterms

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you doomers are just libtards with different nouns

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completely destroying themselves in order to deceive us

what a brilliant plan

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shove the stolen election shit

it's over

they are tearing the country apart in a mad rush to do as much damage as they can because they know their party will be dead after midterms

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Doomer: But they stole the 2020 election! Things will never change! The country is dead!

😘 🍑

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this is the problem with administrative law

it skirts the Constitution

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i think I will listen to a professional armorer rather than some random guy on the internet

blanks are cartridges without the slug

if a cartridge has a slug, it will not fit into a prop gun

if a gun is capable of firing a bullet, it is a real gun

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ah, but that's the whole reason some companies want the mandates

they are not at fault if the law forced them to require it

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something tells me a court stenographer will write his tell all for him

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a few years ago, PV did an undercover video where they talked to Van Jones- the famous "Russia is a nothing burger" video

in it he said that the rest of the CNN staff hated Fredo., that they made fun of him behind his back

it was clear back then that there was only one reason he had his job

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i saw an interview with an armorer and he showed how, for someone to be called a prop gun, it cannot accept a live round

if it can, it's a real gun

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they were operating on a very small budget

that's why they were using a non-union crew in NM. He could not even afford to put the crew in a decent motel

they have insurance but if the insurance company can show the incident happened due to neglect (was preventable) they have to pay nothing

so the backers will have to cough up the dough at it will bankrupt them

no one will ever want to deal with Baldwin again

he'll be in midnight informercials selling DIABEETUS supplies

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they are getting rid of their primetime shows and going all news after the merger

they are also laying off a buttload of people

Little Brian will be doing the noon hog report on KPIG in Cornfield NE

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