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taking guns?


  • Trump narrowed the definition of “fugitive from justice” that’s used to determine who’s barred from buying a gun.

  • He purged 500,000 records from the federal background check system.

  • He froze a red flag law

  • He halted a proposal to require gun makers and dealers to sell child safety devices in stores where guns are sold.

"Sadly, before the sun had even set on the horrible day of tragedy, we witnessed a now familiar parade of cynical politicians seeking to exploit the tears of sobbing families to increase their own power and take away our constitutional rights.”

As part of that overhaul, Trump said buildings should have a “single” point of entry, strong fencing and metal detectors. "Every school also needs armed officers, and trained teachers should carry concealed weapons"

“In the absence of a member of law enforcement, there is no one you would rather have nearby when a crisis strikes than an armed expertly trained member of the NRA,”

“Jack's story reminds us [that] defending our Second Amendment is about defending law, order and life. We know that as law and order conservatives, we have no higher goal than to reduce violent crime by the greatest degree possible.”

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well let's hope they never have to work for or with any of them

or have to do business with them or go to school with them or get a ticket from them...

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i didn't hear of you neo Trump haters complaining when he made the decision based on what medical advisors told him

and it was too late to change it when the truth came out

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no tell the regular people who's energy infrastructure has been destroyed by Putin that he won't do anything until there are nukes on his border

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why should he spend energy on that when it is not even a campaign issue?

people care about more important things like the economy and the alien invasion

he does not need to waste time placating a small section of his base

why should be buy into the liberal narrative which is the exact same thing as you are saying?

that's going to confirm what they are saying

purebloods and mudbloods have made up their mind and those in the middle are learning the truth

get the fuck over it and join us or get off the train

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no way my kid is going to learn the judgementalism and intolerance he would be fed at an xian school

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the whole trashing Trump over one stupid thing is retarded

especially since "Patriots" are saying the exact same thing as the liberals

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these are adults, not susceptible kids

and they deal with more work bullshit than just this crap

sure, they may be a few weak willed lily livers who fall for it but I have never seen one

now what it does do is inspire disgruntled females and blacks to file specious complaints just because they want to get back at someone or hope they will get special treatment

it puts a chip on some people's shoulders

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You knew no such thing

Trump is not a medical expert

He was in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and had to do something to protect the country

he had to trust the medical experts (Birx, not Fauci)

he is being told millions would die of he didn't do something and he's supposed to say "Well, I dunno, this sounds a little hokey"?

Trump was a businessman and came from a world where you can trust your advisors

he has no idea how slimy and backstabbing politicians are

he also promoted alternative treatments and researching more

climb down off this liberal bullshit or just go vote for Biden

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people are not going to lose their jobs just because they don't want to sit in a room and listen to some HR wanker drone

i am guessing you have never had a job

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His opinions as a private citizen will accomplish nothing but embroil him in another fight he does not need to waste energy on

the government and Big Pharma are not going to stop killing people and people are not going to stop killing themselves just because he says

they have chosen their sides, it is a non issue

bullshit alarms mean nothing without proof

we have that now

Go fuck yourself for this. I have been a Trump supporter since 2016 T_D Reddit days.

then stop spreading the commie propaganda meant to undermine Trump

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home schooled kids are usually selfish and cliquish

mostly because they are not socialized

but that is MUCH better than being some soy soaked blue haired transexual penis holster for fags

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the story is that a fake rumor going around social media saying that Hooters is rebranding because millennials are not that into tits

this is the pic it shows

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we have different experience

in the places I have worked it has been "This bullshit again?"

and everyone forgets it

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/you have ruined Hooters for me forever

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well you have to for legal reasons

just take the day of free pay and laugh about it at the bar later

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the guy went in with 0 political experience and stood up against a massive machine arrayed against him- and won

again, he made YUGE achievements in terms of the economy

and he has left the MSM in ruins, social media is backing down from censorship, woke culture is dying, the GOPe is failing, he has eliminated many RINOs, Biden is heading for impeachment and worse and the dems are eating each other alive in their mad scramble to save their sinking ship

"But muh vax!"

He can't do anything about it, the problem is being handled, people are waking up

Now y'all either need to dump this dem inspired divisiveness and get behind Trump or get the fuck off the Trump Train

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"Don't buy our coffee" != "Don'y buy our shares"

i am not as forgiving as you

I am giving it a liar liar pants on fire

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the working people snooze through a free day of pay and then go back to work with people of other races and laugh about what bullshit it was

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