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violent threats are banned

please remove

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you know there is something up because they trotted the sex scandal lame

2000 Mules, the laptop, Hillary getting busted- there is a shit ton of stuff going on

Trump isn't just down there playing golf

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you doomers want these investigations to fail

you pray that this country goes down the toilet

it's like some weird sexual fantasy

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I keep trying to fire memes from my howitzer but it just turns them into confetti

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the democrats are getting fucked

in every hole

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I live in WV

any semblance of blue went away when Hilldawg literally said she was going to put coal miners out of a job

We like Joe because he takes care of WV

he killed BBB because its green energy bullshit would have tanked our economy

i was not really aware of how he got into office, i just care that he keeps on doing what he is doing

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