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Gays have everything to do with trannies.
Without their nationwide campaign to legitimize degeneracy the troons would never have gotten a foothold in society.

They just couldn’t stay content secretly sodomizing each other in San Francisco and New York City bathhouses, no they needed to burst out of the closet in a rainbow colored confetti and laser light show explosion. All of them dressed like BDSM dildo unicorns and drag queens. All wet with sweat, dirty dancing with elation to the village people’s techno remix album.

The moment mentally ill attention whores realized they could tag along with the aforementioned butt-fuck-brigade they immediately chopped their dicks off. No, I’m not letting the bug chasers off so easy. I’m old enough to remember the American people voting overwhelmingly to refuse gay marriage but the activist courts ignoring the will of the people and shoving the big gay dick down society‘s throat.

There’s no way to eliminate fags, but we need to shove the Twinks and Bears way back into the closet so they stop ejaculating radioactive rainbow colored society solvent all over everything they see. Did you know the biblical name for Fag and pedophile are the same? I wonder why?! I can’t imagine why the Poo Poo Penis Palls might not be safe around young boys.

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Again can we stop pretending these people are stupid?
They know exactly what they are doing, do you think they haven’t accounted for “reactionaries“?
They’ve been saying white nationalism is the largest threat to America for years.
They’ve been saying that domestic terrorism is the largest threat to national security for years.
They have built entire organizations to deal with those problems.
They have created an election fraud machine unparalleled in the modern world.
And when you get mad that they cheat next time watch what happens to you “ The domestic terrorist White national racist”.

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Yeah of course he could. But 1 they would kill him and 2 Don’t trust Elon Musk. He does some good things but he’s for sure in it for his own benefit not for yours.

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I am sooo fucking confused to the point you think you are trying to make.
I'm going to stop responding to you.

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In my opinion pornography should be relegated to the same area as gay relationships and marijuana.
Illegal but not actively enforced.
Basically you only get arrested for pornography if you’re obnoxiously distributing it online the way porn hub does.

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There is no such thing as unlimited freedom. All societies put constraints on their own people. The exceptional thing was that our founding fathers put constraints on our government in addition to our people.

You will never have true freedom, so if you need rules maybe you want the bare minimum rules, and maybe you want those rules to uphold some kind of value.

And maybe a child’s freedom to grow up unmolested is more important than someone else’s freedom to coooooooom.

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How Can I have freedom if I can't COOOOOOM?

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No the hilarious part was when you said "you never done anything in real world politics", when it's my job. Obviously I'm not inclined to prove this and you have no reason to believe me, but ya, I'm payed pretty well to work in politics.

You one of those jackwaggons that thinks "Rinos" are better than democrats when the opposite is (in point of fact) true. I would take a Dem any day over some turn coat. I work with many these guys and they sicken me, they have no principals, they vote for there own wallet. I have no interest in backing even one Rino, nor do I celebrate a "half victory" when one wins.

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If you know anything about fags you will know how fast things progress.
This dude must have earned his 3 dates.

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I wonder. The reporter might be gay himself…
Gays have almost instantaneous sex.
For this guy to manage three dates, he must have been worth the repeat visit.

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That’s not exactly what I meant by witches.
I have no problem with holistic medicine.

I am tired of weak loser Christians who apologize for their views.

I’m tired of the doctrine of infinite forgiveness and no repercussions.

I’m tired of church services filled with weakness and justification.

I’m tired of hearing soccer moms complaining about mild first world discomfort and bunching up with others that have never suffered to console themselves.

I would like some strength back in the faith.

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Bring back radical Christianity.

We stopped burning the witches, now our world is filled with witches.
We stopped crusading, our lands are filled with invaders.
We stopped crushing degeneracy, our children are mutilated by homosexual cults.

Deus Vult.

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