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But your argument is clearly counterfactual.
The Bible very clearly explains how the people who would eventually call themselves Christians or actually God‘s chosen people.

Back when Jesus was alive those people referred to themselves as Jews, overtime the name changed but the spirit did not.

The people currently referring to themselves as Jews are actually the synagogue of Satan.

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I’m just waiting for you to connect the dots….

Who runs the banks, who runs the media, who runs the academia, who runs the state, who runs the advertisements, who runs the music industry, who runs the porn industry.

“tHe CHoSeN PeoPLe”

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Poo in loo, not in street.

I know it is hard, and street is nice, but it is important for India super power 2020.

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Listen Pajeet, your comment history outs you. Mossad isn’t paying you nearly enough. Get a better job, your going to reincarnated as a rat if you keep this up.

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So a group of people choosing to call themselves Jews, but in no way living any aspect of Gods commandment are the real Jews, but the people who are the literal descendants of the church that Jesus Christ started are actually not gods chosen people?
And this makes sense to you?

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Mostly the New Testament. Try reading a little bit of it I’m sure the teachings Paul might touch on some of this. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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The Jews in Israel are false Jews, Christianity is The Israel the Bible talks about.
Christians are God‘s chosen people. It is clear as day.

The moneylenders have been driven from the temple, and for them to claim the position of chosen is as foolish as it is arrogant.

The word Christian was not even invented when Jesus was alive, his teachings apply to those that follow him, and his chosen people adopted the name Christian after his death.

This wasn’t even a controversial opinion until the 1960s when Zionist academics spent millions of dollars changing the curriculum of Christian institutions across the United States.

Your lies and revisionist history have no power here.

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The Bible clearly explains how the vast majority of Jews converted to Christianity and started to intermarry with Gentiles, only a few remaining Jews chose to continue following the teachings of the Pharisees.

Now explained to me how the Jews and Gentiles that chose to follow Christ aren’t God‘s chosen people but the ones that nailed him to a cross are God‘s chosen people, I eagerly await your response.

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Except these people are consistently working for the most leftist industries in the country.
Media, Porn, Marketing, Banking, Academics, Lobbying, think tanks, NGO's, Government.
Sound like things that aren't good to be good at if you ask me.

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Great 47 congressmen are invested…But which congressman?
That’s what I want to know.

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Imagine thinking we deserve better.

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Leviticus 20:13

The Lord does not suffer sin, nor do I love it.
Homosexuality it’s detestable, you are weak for finding it permissible.

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It’s not “like” it just is.

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No bro there is a lot wrong with being gay.
It’s counter natural.
Butts can’t make babies.
Gays have like an average of 50+ sexual partners.
Huge rates of STD.
Huge rates of pedophilia.

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Faggot Butt Intercourse

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Great list, I tired of hearing how “dumb and bumbling” these people are.

They have gotten more done then Trump did in a year, just in the opposite direction.

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What stereotypical industries do they work in?
What party do they vote for percentage wise?
What do most Bolsheviks have in common?

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If it’s free it will eventually be mandatory just like high school, and just like high school it will loose all value one everyone has it and they have lowered the requirements (even more) so everyone can graduate.

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Or, you retard, you go to your anemic local Republican in office and you volunteer for a position and by showing even a modicum of enthusiasm you take over and make it into whatever you want it to be.

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It was formed by a series of extraordinary circumstances and it’s formation was partially responsible for the Civil War.
So don’t go thinking that a new American party is something you can just do for shits and grins, new parties are wildly unlikely.
The next new party will be a result of some kind of civil war most likely and at that point most of us are going to care about things far more pressing than 3rd party votes.

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Diversity is Rohan’s strength .
We wuz elves n’ shit.

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Because we are a 2 party system. Mathematically.
What we need to do is work to replace “republicans” with our own republicans.

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