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Yup. He’s not much good to the international cabal of pedophile puppet masters if he’s out of a job as PM.

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So what you’re saying is we’re looking at one of, if not the oldest dank memes in US history?

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Bruh, China is guaranteed 500M of their citizens has already made the cut of the 1B people the WEF and Co. will allow to continue to populate their planet. Smh This shit is really happening. By 2030, they claim...

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The choice is yours: live in a faggot filled, commie ran shit hole or move to a place that better represents your values, protects your freedoms, and filled with great human beings that believe in two genders, logic, reason, and reality?

I can’t believe I had to write that out for someone.

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This isn’t a meme. This is a fucking NUKE!

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ONLY 38 secs!? Lol What a fag! No wonder this dude decided to become a woman. There’s no way he could compete with actual men.

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So, when do the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 begin? I’ll take that month off work so I don’t miss a live stream beheading.

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Lol you still use the faggot Commie platforms fb and twatter

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Lol @ $60-65?

Bruh I doubled up; $750 @$38 first buy in and then dropped $1000 @$37 after it fell all the way back down to $34-35.

I’m never selling. Probably get willed to my son at some point.

To the fucking moon

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Lol right!? Their EXPORTS ONLY economy would be no more. If China’s not shipping shit to the US than I’d say it has something to do with the fact that all of their SE Asian neighbors have stop supplying China with vital supplies. Lol This is a fact.

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Eh, forgiveness is not a weapon of the “weak.” Plus, wtf says anyone has to put up tucker fanboy posters and slurp up everything he pushes, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to simply write off his message, which is a pretty poignant argument simply because he never reported on the election steal. Stop being a little bitch and celebrity news whore groupie mentality peddler. Tfoh with your weak shit. He’s a wizard with words and reaches with message such as above. It’s sure as shit beats anything else on the lame stream media menu. It’s entertaining nonetheless. Fags who push too hard against Tucker are fucking hung up on dude. Like, you mfs are obvious af fanboys. You’re like like young girls who hit the boys they like. Fags

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Bruh, a 175,000 person sample if fucking NUTS! The data should stick out like a sore thumb. Based Brazil presidente cracking skulls.

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It’s 2022. Buckle your fucking chin strap. This shits about to get cray cray.

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