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ATF has held that kits which include all components necessary to produce a functional firearm, including the jig or template used to finish the unfinished frame or receiver, the slide assembly, and the necessary components to complete the frame or receiver are themselves properly classified as firearms under the Gun Control Act

A block of steel and a cnc machine is now considered a firearm.

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One if those weapons got in the hands of a terrorist in France, who proceeded to shoot over 200 people.

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And then, for absolutely no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power

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Yes, but the difference is we can call them barren, lonely, old cat ladies, and won't get banned for it.

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He attended a "dirt bike enthusiast" rally, so the police decided to blow up the gas station. Please tell me you see the problem here.

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Keep your eye on this guy. He's small time now, but he's got good ideas. Hope he gets a bit higher up in the future.

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Wisconsin public schools are notoriously bad both in how well they actually teach, and how woke they are. Also it doesn't matter how many billions of dollars are sunk into them they still never have enough money.

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Don't forget the Tick, tock... and remember, trust Sessions. Patriots are in control. Thats why we have crippling inflation, to stick it to the cabal.

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Fun fact. A group of frogs is called an army.

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I wonder how much of that is roubles gaining strength vs the dollar getting ready to collapse.

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30 something off the top of my head, including the senate majority leader.

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Somebody posted a link a day or 2 ago that's related. Only a few decades after this the Supreme Court said it was under federal authority to deny you the right to feed yourself.


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Last time someone used the old calculation method it was closer to 18-20%. Feels higher than even that.

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Got the one for the rubber shotgun?

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Your saying I should pay for things I want and don't pay for things I don't want? What a foreign concept.

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A lot will be, some of it is sure to be earmarked for the military industrial complex though.

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