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SCOTUS only has appellate jurisdiction, the God-Emporer has to have something denied on bullshit grounds. Then they could, but ... they won't, they are all Harvard liberals.

by Zoinks
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Trapped in this shit box.
Today is the first day the smoke has really made it down to Vancouver (180 miles away)
These fucking leftist and outright commies have no idea how to properly manage the forest or water.
So you'll see these massive burns each year.
God I despise these people, now excuse me as I try to find a proper filter so I quit coughing my guts out from the smoke.

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Who knows, I might want that bag of bones crowned emperor after 4 years since there won't be a constitution to protect the scumbags afterwards.

The Emperor of Mankind

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Campaign contribution limits

Should be unconstitutional but aren't thanks to a failed judiciary

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Yeah but seeing them and dealing with them almost daily,
They were coo coo for coco puffs well before Fentanyl

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(Technically) New Democrats.
[Fucking hate these leftist in Vancouver, all total fucking scumbags.]

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You aren't wrong, but this has been like this for 30+ years.

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Best part of waking up,
is that first smell of ripe hobo piss right after stepping out at Waterfront Station.
After riding the train with a bunch of Hairy Ass Indian Indians from Surrey for an Hour.
The Hobo Piss cuts the BO; And you realize "Hmm I think this 2,500 I'm paying in RENT, isn't really worth it."

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On a philosophical level I'm almost with you,
Except they are selling fent as other real drugs.

I mean if we are against the War on Drugs, why can't I go to a legit pharmacy and order ADHD meds w/o a prescription?
Why? because it's a fucking racket, with the doctors and the government and the drug pushers.

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Never really gets below 15F.
Most of the time it's in the 20s F range in the winter. They give them warming centers and all kind of gibs to keep them from freezing to death.

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Yes mostly whites, but most of these people are super super mentally ill.
Brain might as well be a bucket of pudding.

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Knew almost exactly where it was before hitting start.

DTES has kinda been that way for 40+ years.
The massive massive real estate bubble isn't helping, but this isn't NWO.
This is just living in a major shithole city.

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Meh, frankly the court should be told from time to time to go fuck themselves.
Have to really choose when, but every President should get 1 "GFY".

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Trying to get a job as a DoD contractor, feeling scared as shit all the time, about all the approvals and background checks.
And this stupid shit is going on at the same time.
These guys do get some of the best of the Best and still allowing this shit.
Too many BonusHoles.

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Devils advocate: Impeachment never works, it just energizes the presidents party against the Congress.
It's a totally empty threat and process.
Unpopular opnion:Kevin McCarthy is making the right call.

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Wrong type of teeth, make it that you defund the department if they do it.
Might be a good back door in shutting down the government.

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I remember the exact moment I was told my Grandmother died.
Standing about 2 and a half feet from where I lay now.
Can't remember exactly what I was doing but I do recall, I felt nothing.
Absolutely nothing, not joy, not anger, might as well been a random fucking nobody on another planet.
Because she enabled the dude that molested me and is at least a part (buck does eventually stop with me) of the reason I'm almost 30 and never had any form of a relationship.
It's truly amazing, the guilt I felt for feeling nothing.

Parents you have to protect your kids, from everyone. Even your own parents.
Don't allow children around weak men, or failed women.

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