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This is true, but that would be more than two decades ago.

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You legitimize dirty communist tactics, fuckface.

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Nah, you’re just a jealous incel. Fuck, dude, dating someone and going to the movies? Getting a grope in was the norm before Covid, and the Hollywood fuckery. The ONLY reason it’s “news” is corrupt fucking Democrats. Stop legitimizing their dirty tactics, fuckface.

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Seriously, FUCK THEM.

They took money they promised to donate to the Trump campaign in 2020 and SAT ON IT.


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Well when addressing a fag like you, dick is the language you understand.


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The only league you’re in is little league.

First of all, and most importantly, even 4chan fuckwads have figured out how to use even MSPaint anonymously with a mouse to circle shit, and if you can’t use your “professional experience” to export an image to upload someplace anonymously without exposing PPI, you’re literal GARBAGE.

Secondly, it’s not to demand you guess the focal length, lens size, colorspace, or camera body/sensor down to a model number, it’s to acknowledge the differences created by the different capture devices at all. Quite frankly, your inability to draw two circles around the contours of his skull you claim are different without doxxing your social security number speaks to the level of “professionalism” you have. Nice choice on the 85mm prime, though. Even a blind pig finds a truffle here and there.

The most likely scenario is this:

It’s the same Fetterman. There is no body double, and the vast differences between these individual frames are based on the capture medium, the low light and low contrast level in the video capture, the difference between the capture devices accounts for the variance. The elongation of the brow in one picture, vs the compression in the other, is completely caused by these differences.

But let’s steelman your argument. Let’s say it’s a completely different skull shape between the two images. First of all, what’s that fucking worth? Seriously, what the fuck good is pointing to the shittiest possible sets of comparisons due the obvious discrepancies in the quality of the capture? The only people who are going to listen to you with this yard turd of a theory already believe the government can’t be trusted at any cost, and pull their energy away from meaningful efforts towards fixing this shit.

But hey, mr “professional,” you could always go use your equipment to capture images yourself, and with the time and the exposer to the supposed body double, you would undoubtedly reveal undeniable, reliable evidence of the body discrepencies, and have the biggest news story in US history; the Government replaces elected officials with body double mouthpieces, and the system is occupied by such forces right now. You’d have an instant following and probably get the attention of people who’d help replace whatever income you lost due to the exposer of yourself. Givesendgo or one of the other right-side leaning crowd funding options would certainly work. Plus, your investigative and presentative skills would surely attract high paying employers, or boost your own notoriety and add viewers to content you’re already skillfully creating. You’d get on Crowder, Info Wars, Daily Wire exclusives; instant fame and credibility. You’d have the opportunity to create more wealth for yourself than your lifetime of bussing tables while having a hobby of cameras. Wealth you could use to more effectively fight the real corruption and decay in our system, instead of pointing like a retarded wojack at a bulge in a hoodie.

But hey, we both know you already know all this. And instead of doing something useful like preparing for 2024 and finding out how you can use your equipment to monitor and expose fraud at ballot counting facilities across the nation, you push these theories that would make Rod Sterling roll his eyes in frustrated disgust.

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Illustrate the different shape. Explain how the difference in lenses would affect the representation, and how the variances in the pictures differs from how it should be affected by the different capture methods. Be a fucking man and back up your brazenly retarded statement with actual intelligent reasoning.

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Draw out how you think they look different, retard

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I don’t need retard humor about body doubles. I need patriots to get off their lazy retarded fucking asses.

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Actually, I have enough entrepreneurial and professional experience to not be a layman (or in your case, a retard) about them.

But you? A “real life expert” who can’t tell the difference between a DSLR still photograph camera from an iPhone low resolution image sensor?



The only connection you have to anything with cameras is when you have is a dick up your ass for “daddy.”

Meanwhile, I have direct connections into the industry, experience with filming setups, rendering, compositing, and photo editing, alongside active collaborations with producers, artists, writers, and more in the rebellious creative community than your nonexistent girlfriend would have bull cum in the cunt you could never satisfy.

Go push on those Mexican aliens being real. That’s sure as shit more believable than a body double of a retard you can only spot if the capture instruments are as different as a Yeti mic to a Rode.

Not that you’d have a fucking clue what THAT meant.

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You must do shitty work, and understand fuck all about lenses or phone cameras if that’s your take. Retard.

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No; I’m acting like I have a brain who wants to focus on something real, rather that someone that thinks a low quality shitty image taken with technology they don’t care to learn or understand somehow shows information it does not while they spend their valuable energy on that instead of fixing the fucking problem for real.

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It is unreal. It is literally not real. Come the fuck on, it’s a picture from a DSLR with 5 figure lens compared to the poorly lit blurry capture of an iPhone video

Be fucking smarter; dipshit. We need pedes, not retards.

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And the difference between a DSLR and a video captured on a shitty iPhone

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Go compare pictures from a DSLR to a shitty video iphone camera then go suck your bull’s dick.

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It didn’t change shape you fucking retard

One is a picture from a DSLR camera with shallow lens, the other is a video from a shitty iPhone camera with one fixed lens designed for basic bitch use.

Go suck a dick, retard.

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One on the left side one on the right. You have two ears, as well. But only one brain cell.

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Or from the fucking camera lens being different you absolute retard.

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