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One of those things that shouldn't be a law, but should just be common sense. If people wanna drive without one great, let Darwin work his magic I don't give a fuck, and the state shouldn't be profiting from something stupid like that.

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Homeschooling doesn't mean confining your kids to your own home. There are many more like minded parents than you think who would be more than happy to split teaching duties up with a small group of kids. Y'know like they used to do before government schools became so pervasive.

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Nobody's blaming anyone you self conscious mongoloid. Pointing out coincidences is not a crime yet.

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The tribe looks after the tribe it's pretty simple. Don't get all butthurt and defensive when people start wondering why a group that makes up a low single digit percent of the population controls the media, Hollywood and are plastered across the C level positions of fortune 500 companies along with Wall Street to name a few.

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It do be like that doe

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I absolutely hate how these people have somehow been given carte Blanche to discuss their insane beliefs and conservatives expected to nod politely and be quiet while humoring them. Speak your mind and you'll sleep better at night, even if it is on the couch from the sounds of your situation.

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And other groups that get conveniently left out

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Let's take a second to pray for some good ol fashioned prison yard justice.

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Things like that get easier to process when you realize it's all a part of their demoralization campaign. Keep fighting and don't get too bogged down with their weak tactics

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By design, and when questioned about any aspects of it their actions can be attributed to the blanket reasoning of trying to prevent anuddah holocaust with 6 more gorillion. Historically angry krauts are a powerful force so they know its best to keep them under wraps.

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It's OK to notice things fren

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