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I've been telling the potheads, it's not legal anywhere. Just because your state passed a law, it's still illegal federally.

And it was like what, 2nd or 3rd grade we're taught fed law trumps state law.

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Much as I hate the ATF, this sounds like it's missing context, or missing some part of the story.

Either they just attacked a random man, or there's more to it that connects them pretending to be broken down to knowing that specific guy they wanted would help them.

This tiny tidbit sounds fishy nonetheless and quite frankly is as bad as fake news or clickbait.

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Damnit. Thumbs up til I saw the headscarf.

"Egyptian" my ass

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I'm ok with it. Nukes have prevented real war & real fights from happening anymore.

So if we have to sneak fight, then fine. Whatever it takes so we can get back to actually killing bad guys and killing the people who need to be killed

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This mentality is 100% birth control's fault. If you want to find the moral answer, pretend there's no birth control. Try to imagine the most natural state you can, and re-assess the question.

Is sex at 14 ok? Is it wonderful and natural and all that jazz?

Well, the 14 year old would almost certainly be getting pregnant. So I'm gonna say no.

Those predditors approach the question as if sex is safe, free of consequences, and easily repeatable without consequences. That's because birth control.

Without birth control i bet the 14 year old would be singing a different tune, partially guided by years of feminine advice, education & instinct: sure, no matter how fun it is though you be careful about when & who you have it with because you'll get pregnant.

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Oh for fuck's sake. Maybe if you're literally only backyard farming your tiny subdivision garden.

What about horses? Plows? Manure spreaders? What about planting the damn seeds? You gonna have 2 foot paths just for walking between each row of crops? No.

Your advice is the kind that sounds great on paper and meets the 100% purely academic requirements. And then you get out in the real world and realize the practical aspects are harder, and maybe to maximize efficiency yeah, you might walk on areas you're gonna plant because you can plant faster. And sure you might compact a little but you can fix that later.

And then what you'll do is hook a giant metal blade up to your animal and till the soil, breaking & fluffing it up again. Better than tiptoeing around daintily trying not to compact your soil.

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This should be higher. Stickied even, I dare say.

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Nice Simpsons reference! Man I totally forgot about that.

But yeah - I agree in principle. But, paying people money is more complicated, and usually not as fast. And there's reporting requirements & taxes to be withheld and all of that. And then potentially a 1099 or a w-2 if you're actually gonna be compensated with wages. And typically, jobs don't pay you daily for the work you do. So you'd have to wait until payday.

And you can't just pay people cash under the table. IRS doesn't like that. Not that I agree with them - but a major chain business certainly cares what the IRS thinks.

So, to me, the food voucher angle could be a way around all of the normal hoops you'd have to jump through to pay people with money. And people get their "pay" faster with the vouchers.

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Wish I knew more about why they were doing this, or what the rationale was. This could be a very good idea for some people.

Example - if it's a charity type thing right? Homeless person can go help out for an hour or so and now he's got a meal right away.

He doesn't have to wait the 2 weeks til pay day, or more depending on the pay periods and how Chick Fil-A does that. You know how new jobs are sometimes - that first check is far away.

So also - maybe they just can't hire anyone there. Like no one wants the job. Maybe the wait times and the lines have been outrageous and people are complaining or something. The flexibility here could be helpful in attracting even temporary workers.

I tend to think the charity angle makes more sense.

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Misleading graphic here because percent is not the proper metric to use.

1% of Alaska is way bigger than 1% of New York because Alaska is freaking huge.

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NO. You STFU right the hell now. "Awaken" is another word for WOKE.

It's not hard. You shut up. You do what everyone has been doing since the dawn of time. You work hard to survive - you work your ass off. There is no "awakening" you just learn by doing. If you don't learn, you die. You get ostracized. No one in the community trusts you or does business with you.

You learn to cooperate and get along because it's necessary to survive. You get good at something - you do it. You trade the fruits of that labor for stuff you're not good at. If you can't trade because you're a dick you die, or you learn to change.

There's no active feat of waking up or becoming woke.

Get the hell outta here with this sneaky woke shit. You were told. You've been told. Everyone was telling you from day 1. You just didn't wanna hear it. Now you hear it and you pretend you're woke. The enemy is woke. You're just an idiot.

Shut up about how hard it was for you to become woke to the obvious. Get the hell back to work to make things better.

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This worth killing your own offspring for? Or not quite? Not a dad yet myself so maybe it's one of those "you could never hurt your kid thing no matter what they did" type things.

But man this feels like behind the woodshed and out to a hole in the desert type deals.

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So instead our love of Swamp Coolers is stupid? I remember occasionally having to hose ours down.

It always made the cookies get soggy though...

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Wait couldn't Swatting be fixed if we removed anonymous reporting to the police?

I don't know if this case was a Swatting, but someone mentioned it below.

We could change it so basically if you call police you are required to give a name & phone number, or address, otherwise they can ignore your request. Something like that.

I mean, if you're gonna be nosey and not mind your business, and get involved by calling police on a crime you supposedly witnessed - you ought to be required to be reachable.

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Wait have they even done this with actual marriage yet?

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And to this day I still cannot believe how many people, how many of my friends and loved ones, fell for all the lies and bullshit and got the shot.

Truly surprised how small a minority the rest of us are. The cowardice, and doing it "just to keep the job" was ridiculous

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Oddly enough no on the expanding, but we almost need more supreme courts. Like a Supreme Court circuit or something - hell, maybe even a separate court for each amendment or something.

Because they take too few cases, and take way too long to make decisions when this whole time we need more rulings, faster rulings, to fine tune and narrow how the constitution is interpreted.

The fact they can even dodge any case they want is ridiculous. More Supreme courts, so they aren't sidestepping decisions that NEED to be made

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What the heck is an MC? Mike Controller? Dj's? He doxxed some Dj's?

I don't get it. Someone help please

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