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What does the acronym D.I.N.K.S mean?

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How does this not trigger a special election to fill his seat?

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Ugh... I'm no zionist but I'm sick of the friendly fire, ok? Muslims and hamas and democrats are the enemy here ok?

It wasn't JEWS who stole 2020, it was democrats ok? And let's pretend - - ok on you win! Let Hamas take Isreal. Kill em all.

Ok then what smarty pants??? What changes??? Oh, you lost the ONLY country left aside from China, that can fight Muslims simply for being Muslims. Meanwhile, all those scary jews you hate are still in government, still in Hollywood, ect.

What, you think letting hamas and Muslims win & taking over Israel would be some huge win???

Pull your head out of your ass for 5 seconds and listen to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" doctrine. For all the covert, hidden, bad that jews have done, they have done a ton of good too.

And they are INFINITELY better than the Muslim savages at our door.

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I mean, I'd die for less. Putting actual traitors to justice in exchange for my life seems like a fair trade

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Why on earth would you walk around with the barrel open like that??

What, you want your shells to bounce out or something?

Close your gun like a man or don't carry it. Jezus

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Are they? Really? If they are you can't be mad about USS liberty or whatever it was

No, no. UsA and Israel are different.

And also FUCK YOU for thinking otherwise.

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You dunce - if we get into WW3 there's no election for Trump.

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I didn't hear anything about an American ship being attacked in that story

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Hate to be that guy, but wouldn't this 100% fuck up EVERYTHING and hand Biden Marshall law on a silver platter???

If Texas secedes, it's hot civil war again and there will be no 2024 presidential election. You will hand Biden the excuse to stay in power.

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No, not really. You gotta think broad & overall, and how old fashioned your woods setup is. Because ultimately it only works, ALONE, if you're super old fashioned. We're talking an axe instead of a chainsaw to chop wood. And we're talking bow & arrow to hunt instead of guns and bullets. And we're talking horses instead of gas powered cars. And you better HOPE there's enough wild game or fish to hunt, unless you take up some form of farming. Maybe small, like chickens or cows or something but then you get to a lot of easily stealable animals, that would need MORE PEOPLE to guard them, see?

Look - lots of people have their Fancy cabin in the woods, setup with Solar panels and stuff and they think they're hot shit. But it ONLY works because you reap the benefits of the rest of the modern world chugging along without you. You're a parasite at that point.

Because you need gas for your car, but you ain't pumping it and refining it. And you need food, and you probably get it from the store now & stockpile. And when your solar panels break, you need replacements or repair parts that you probably purchase somewhere (I'd be impressed if you could repair it yourself). Same with your chainsaw and the motor in it, and the gas and oil that go in it. Hell even modern bullets you don't make on your own. You buy the brass, the primers, the powder. Where you gonna mine gunpowder at in the woods once civilization collapses???

Many "modern" woodsman or survivalist types get by, by taking advantage (even if rarely or infrequently) of modern products produced by other people - society, basically. Civilization. You still need other people, you just don't think you do because you only need them (in your eyes) once a quarter when food or fuel gets low.

But no. Shit hits the fan, supplies in the city dry up. People move/wander/explore and if they're desperate and come upon your cabin in the woods.... or even if your own fellow woodsman has his supplies dry up. Or fancies your wife.

You're safer if you have other people you can depend on - but that's not doing it alone in the woods then.

People started farming, and trading with eachother, and all of that needed guarding and protecting so we all started working together. That's the history and honestly, the reality of how it has to work. No man is an island.

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Nope. All ya'll in the woods only make it because the rest of us hold society together. Shit hits the fan and everyone's gonna come for what you have.

How did living alone in the woods work out for the injuns?

We're social creatures. We need eachother.

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Holy shit is that real??

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I'm actually really okay with this

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Is it really cavalry, or is it more like riding Elon's coattails?

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How very Christian of you.

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No no no. Stop with the sympathy for the Gazillionaire!

He has the money, and the family. He's prime for his condition.

YOU'RE FUCKED! You think your family isn't gonna shove you in a care home when you get all forgetty?

Don't be sad for him. He made his money. He made his bed, and it's WAY cushier than yours.

Hell He probably could have paid docs to prevent this - lord knows Soros and the Queen and Biden were/are doing SOMETHING to prolong their age. Bruce just spent his money - more than you'll make in a lifetime - in the wrong places.

Be sad that YOU won't have a pretty girl holding your hand when you lose your marbles - but do NOT be sad for HIM

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He also shifts the goalposts on the covid vaccine response. Being against the favoritism is a different thing than "getting rich in pharma" and doing "massive deals with phizer."

So he addresses like, what, the top 2? And ignores the rest which are arguably the most important ones.

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Huh. Could we train hawks to hunt Mexicans at the border? Drive by, let them loose?

Or even mean fighting dogs. Train a bunch of rotties and then go drop them off.

I mean, if they won't let us just shoot anyone crossing the border at a place that isn't an official checkpoint/crossing, then what other options are there? Need a way to kill them while having plausible deniability

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Bro. Because no one teaches it.

I was born '88. Middle of nowhere town. We learned nazis and he's and such, but no special attention to Weimar over aushwitz.

That's your answer though. Don't blame the youngs for being dummies. Blame their parents for not teaching them

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100% focus on cleaning up corruption. Seriously. Gut the deep state. Term limits. Release epstien stuff. All of it

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