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It's when you think you want the Government to control everything, and you also think you will always agree with its decisions.

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An idiot, when presented with evidence that their entire belief system is lies, drops it.

A leftist faggot liar shifts and keeps trying.

Thanks for outing yourself, Patriot Fronthole.

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Yet it's not.

Because Congress has many dozens of comittees.

Only 3 of the 4 in your 80% meme led comittees.

If you want to be a USEFUL idiot, just watch the view and knit pussy hats.

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I would honestly like to know which "people" the moderator of patriots.win thought this meme (frequently posted by only a small group of users) was talking about when they stickied it. https://patriots.win/p/16bPeVYsqZ/imagine-if-you-will/c/

Plausible deniability isn't an option if that mod has been here for more than a month. The predictable comment section is something everyone could see coming.

Trump is a martyr now. And you're obviously attempting to undermine his credibility.

You disgust me.

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Well, you hate anyone who supports Israel. You just enjoy the infighting.

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The Bud Lite boycott worked because conservatives used it, and switching was easy.

Choose something like that.

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It was the comment about Mohammed that got under your skin. Wasn't it?

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The ADL are Soros bitches. Soros hates Israel and America with closed borders.

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That, I believe.

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You've already given up.

Put a dress on and get back in the kitchen.

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I'm wanting to say it was Hebdo.

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Whenever I see random 9/11 posts, it reminds me of that popular drawing of Mohammed giving birth to a pig.

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YOU don't like that he's not pro Israel. Because it fucks up your narrative.

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If the civil war happens, I'm Gonna need you to cook for the troops. If we give you a firearm, you'll just surrender and try to get others to join you.

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You guys have a very recognizable pattern of calling for others to do things you won't do yourselves. Cowardice isn't a virtue, champ.

Nice Muslim username.

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His argument is that people here aren't racist because they fear being called racist.

That's like saying you're not a pedophile because you don't want to be called a pedophile.

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