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This is a campaign contribution to Democrats.

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Obviously heavy on the weapons, light on the $8 for a blue check mark.

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Wide range of years there. Are we trimming pubic hair or not?

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Why do we even know about this grand jury's activity?

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Ferdinand was an Austrian Nationalist.

Austria got taken down by the International Socialists.

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Clinton paid Paula Jones $850k for SEXUALLY ASSAULTING HER

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"Your 4th grader needs to learn about dildos and anal lube FROM ME"

What the fuck do YOU know about dildos and anal lube, or your 4th grader for that matter?!?

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In 1920, 7 years after the Fed was founded to provide economic stability, America suffered a deflationary downturn as bad as the Panic of 1893.

The Fed blew a big bubble to reverse the deflation, but that bubble burst in 1929 with the start of the Great Depression.

So, within 16 years of its founding, the Fed had screwed up big time, twice.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fed's founding, in 1933 the Democrat regime confiscated all private gold holdings.

And so on.

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Hillary was accused and convicted in Federal court. Hillary paid nearly a million dollars penalty for writing off Steele Dossier payments as legal fees.

Manhattan wants to prosecute Trump for Federal campaign charges.

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