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When I was young, my grandmother died. While we were at her funeral, some shitbag welfare cousins stole my grandaddys TV and washing machine. That's when we started leaving a few folks behind at funerals

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That's been a law for years. That's why MacKenzie Beggs fucked up high school girl wrestlers for years

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Pretty sure ur wrong on all counts. Got to have been found guilty of felony to get a dishonorable. And 94% sounds pretty sus too

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Watch Utopia. They canned making season 2 after season 1 dropped in the middle of 2020

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Waiting for yall to hear about utopia 🍿🤠

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Lol. Not bad work, just saying only a Karen would record a phone call with a whole nother phone, and not just download a call recorder app. They're not hard to find. Mine is cleverly named "Call Recorder"

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.... Your neighbor skinned her knee and went to the hospital for a scrape, and it caused your ex to cry herself to sleep?

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He was marching with them, and even providing 1st aid. They turned on him after they set a dumpster on fire and tried to blow up some gas pumps. He put it out with an extinguisher, then had to run. Didn't turn around til someone shot at him

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