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I have always viewed class action lawsuits as a way to punish offending organizations, rather than a windfall for plantiffs. Most class action suits don't pay out enough individually for a tank of gas (especially today).

But the repercussions for the organization being sued is immense. Bad publicity, massive overall payment, and new corporate policies to avoid this ever happening again.

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Muddying the waters. That's what this is.

"I won't get the Vax because I don't want heart issues." "ACKTCHUALLY did you know almost all vax side effects are fake and people are making it up? Placebo effect!"

Meanwhile the article never addresses heart issues. They are conflating "headaches" with serious side effects.

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I hope all conservatives see this and reject police outright. We need a top-to-bottom cleansing of our police officers until every limp-wristed power hungry bully is forcibly removed from their job.

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  1. Reducing the number of teachers won't win you back any tax money. Your community already voted on how much they are giving the schools, and there's no going back.
  2. Class size is the most important element of how effective a teacher can be right behind "teacher competency". You could have an amazing teacher, but if your kid is in a class of 60, then it's like they are learning in a college lecture hall. They will get no attention, no slowing down or repeating of content, no individual engagement, and no support if they "don't get it".
  3. Teaching online SHOULD be as rigorous as teaching in-person. I'm sick of shithead teachers who think posting an article online and with a quiz is "teaching". Should be - at a minimum - teaching each subject LIVE on video with the kids.
  4. He who controls curriculum controls the entirety of your local education system.
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As a teacher, I can't stand other teachers. So many disconnected-from-reality, holier-than-thou entitled pricks.

There are some really good ones out there, don't misunderstand, but finding them is like trying to find a choice cut of meat in a decaying carcass on the side of the road.

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So, in summary:

  1. DARPA said "No Way" to Gain of Function research with bat-born coronavirus.
  2. NIH and NIAID (w/Fauci) said "Well we will do the research anyway, but say its not Gain of Function" and started the research in Wuhan in 2018.
  3. There are official government documents showing concern over the GoF research and the supression of treatments for Covid19, and the push for mRNA vaccines.

Doesn't seem like much more than what we already knew - EXCEPT we now have official documents and government officials supporting our "conspiracy theories".

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Hey just a heads up - Politico issued a correction saying that is Schumer's gross looking wife (good fit for him) and NOT Sotomayor.

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Been trying to get in front of this - that's not Sotomayor, but is instead Schumer's wife. Politico issued a correction.

Fuck dems though, the scummy pricks

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Just a heads up - Politico issued a correction that it was NOT Sotomayor, but instead Schumer's wife.

Still a gross picture because I hate Klo-bitch-ar with a passion

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Not Sotomayor, but instead Schumer's wife.

Still scummy bullshit. Fuck you Klobitchar

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This is about whether OSHA can mandate medical procedures as an element of "workplace safety".

Where does it end? Mandating everyone get metal plates installed in their heads so we lower the risk of head injury?

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Why are we having "effectiveness" arguments at all?

This experimental drug could cure cancer, make me shit gold coins and give me a footlong schlong - AND IT STILL WOULD BE ILLEGAL TO FORCE IT ON ME.

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I'm not 100% sure this data suggests what we think it does, and the left will use it against us if we aren't careful.

England's population is roughly 55,890,000

Current 2 dose Covid vax rate there is 71.3% or 39,891,000

Partial vax population is 3,676,000

Unvaxxed population is 12,323,000

So with this chart, here's the "hospitalization rate": Unvaxxed = 206 people out of 12,323,000 = 0.001671%

Partial = 30 out of 3,676,000 = 0.000816%

2+ doses = 541 out of 39,891,000 = 0.001356%

So, technically speaking, the "unvaxxed hospitalization rate" is 1.232x higher than the "vaxxed hospitalization rate".

WE know it's all bullshit, but all it takes is one lefty to point out "uh actchually the amount of vaxxed people in general is higher so of course they would have more hospitalizations blah blah blah" and our argument goes out the window.

What we really need is a larger sample size - like the US. Then the numbers would more likely shake out in our favor.

The real silver lining is that less than 800 people out of 56 million were hospitalized from this nonsense.

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I hear what you're saying, but if you want to debunk this thing in my eyes, you're gonna have to give me more than a website whose entire premise is "he is a fraud because da jooz"

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Maybe online, yea. But how many people have you met IRL who parrot what they hear in the news, or what Fraudci says?

If 2/3 of people would murder if told to, then easily more than 2/3 would inject themselves and their kids with poison if told to. And they'd cheer the destruction of the lives of those who wouldn't.

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I thought that too (and still believe it), BUT...

The CDC has made the statement that we misinterpreted their use of the word "differentiate" in their July statement. They claim that when they said it "couldn't differentiate between Covid and the Flu" they were actually saying "it could only detect Covid and not the Flu, due to the way it was designed".

In other words, they say you could be sick as a dog, get tested for Covid and have a negative test. Then you'd have to get ANOTHER test to see if you had the flu. The "new" test can give you results for both with one swab.

I still think its a bunch of CYA nonsense, but it does check out.

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I had to actually go back and read articles from sources in July, but here's how I understand it:

The EUA on the original PCR nose swab tests was cancelled as of midnight. These are the ones that had been used since March 2020. Their stated reason for stopping them is because "they are too specific" and can only detect Covid-19, not influenza or anything else.

If you go and get tested now using their NEW PCR nose swab tests, they will supposedly be able to detect whether you have Covid, Influenza A, or Influenza B - all from one swab.

This is their reason for "ending" the original PCR EUA - they replaced the old tests with new ones that detect for multiple illnesses. In other words, nothing changed and they can still consider their old tests "valid".

As far as I know all rapid tests are still considered "valid" too.

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Olmsted "voluntarily released" all of their unvaxxed staff at the start of December ("Merry Christmas"), so fuck them too.

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Which Mayo? I live in Rochester and these fucks think they are right about everything.

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If a white man tried this he'd go to prison. He wouldn't get the help of biased DAs trying to reduce sentences and throw out cases, because he'd be the wrong color.

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