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I just don't think people want to die overseas anymore while BLM and faggots parade the streets

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"AmErICa FiRsT bUt LeTs aDoPt FoReIgN cHiLdReN bEfOrE AmErIcAn cHiLdReN"

Are all American children adopted yet? No? Okay, then stop bitching about me calling you out for not being America first. Do you have trouble understanding what the term "America First" means? Figures since we have some of the lowest IQs trying to takeover the movement

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They were saying that after the overturning of RvW, dumbass. Literal stickies on the front page about it lol

I'm assuming you also support Lindsey Graham, McConnell and Crenshaw. After all, he did endorse them and you're Trump's #1 supporter, right?

Such a shame our movement has such low IQ smooth brains such as yourself behind it.

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Whoah... let's not get antisemitic now OP

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Catturd has some of the most basic takes. "You ever notice", "Why are all"...

I should make a catturd bot to spit out all of his future tweets.

You ever notice that our economy is worse now than it was under Trump?

Why is gas more expensive now under Biden?

What's the deal with liberals trying to take our rights?

It's like watching a Jerry Seinfeld skit

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Muslims need to throw her off a building to see if she is in fact a bird

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Can you explain what happened? I never heard about this user and now I'm curious

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Yeah but imagine how fun it would be to live in a 4' x 8' pod

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The fake, photoshopped kind

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You would rather support foreign children than American children. Think about that next time you dare tell someone that you're "America First"

Stupid faggot

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...for his service in the war your people started?

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Do you have something against American children, because there are many that need adopting. What's wrong with adopting children from Chicago, Philadelphia, or San Antonio? Is something wrong with them or do you just generally despise young minorities who lack parents? Perhaps it's their race?

You people sound pretty racist to me... but sure. Continue lecturing me about morals. Also if someone ever asks you if you're "America First", just remember that you would rather support adoption of foreign children rather than American children

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They're both devastating to our country tho

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