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In their youth, he was known as General Cluster-Fuck, and his Son was known as Little Bighorny.

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If it is a big phone, we can call it the T-Bone.

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"Here is the 88 Phone! It's battery lasts a 1000 years, but the Navigation always points to Poland"

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Alright, Bill Barr, calm down.

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Never thought about it that way, makes you think. πŸ‘

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Dis ies unpossible.

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I edited the capital G, and I meant that the friends from all around the world have their freedom of religion.

Peace and Thanks.

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It's just a tweet to the left

And then a ban to the right

Put your hands on your wound

You watch your vag not getting tight

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Dear Frens and Pepes, please be thankful for all you got:

For the people that you love and that love you.

For the country that endured so much in the past, and will endure so much in present and future.

For the pioneers, pushing the limits of what was thought possible.

For the founding fathers, fighting to convert a British colony into the global leading country.

For friends around the globe, what color and language they call their own.

For your health and your energy.

For everything we experienced in the last years, the sweet and the sour.

For the God, in whatever way you believe in, that brought us all together

Be thankful and remain faithful, the best is yet to come.

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The Poisoned Apple for Disney, presented by Tim Apple.

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