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Well, when you carry a firearm as part of your job, that's kinda a requirement.

Question here is: why would an IRS agent need to carry a gun as part of their job description?

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It doesn't say they kept the cameras on, only that staff refused to turn them off. Did the FBI turn them off themselves then?

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About time. Make these vile cunts work for every bit of information.

No more cooperation as it is all crystal-clear that NONE of these prosecutions are in good faith.

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She was perfection in the "Physical" video.

By all accounts, she was pretty nice and normal, too.


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Marines: we are so fucked.

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The best one is the inflation one, considering this record inflation has all happened in not even his first two years.

These people aren't even grounded in reality in the least bit any longer. They are on their own planet.

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