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Leftists have no Self to destroy.

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"No offense."

Just go ahead and offend her. These clowns deserve far worse.

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Except that China and India would probably not be forced to kill their industry to comply with Save the Planet policy.

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They don't really care about the effectiveness part. They do care that people are not falling for the fake vaccine.

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Warning: DO NOT click the link to the Twitter post. What has been seen can not be unseen.

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And they know that because none of their subscribers are viewing any of the woke crap on Hulu.

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Why not do all of them-- and more?

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I discovered him about 18 months ago, right after the election, and his hair look just like this. Because of the lockdowns in the Bay Area, he wasn't able to get it cut, so I watched him go from short to shaggy. I like this better.

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Given that Musk is the richest guy in the world, what sounds like a putdown is just a statesment of fact.

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Use "Swipe to type." You enter text by sliding your finger from one letter to the next. Just go to your keyboard settings menu:

Swipe, touch and feedback ---> Keyboard swipe controls ---> Swipe to type

I use a stylus, but it works fine with a finger.

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Apparently, not all mothers can breastfeed, for one reason or another. Considering how many mothers have been vaxxed, however, it's safer to feed the baby formula.

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It's hilarious that everything we think of as good, they see as evil. And vice versa.

The problem for them is that they dare not own up to what they think of as good, because they know that 80% of the people would tar and feather them if they knew about it.

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The only reason people are not marching in the streets is that the media will not cover it. That's why we need to send this to everyone we know. And post it on social media and forums. People know that formula is hard to find. They don't know the reasons why.

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I tried to watch GOT. I couldn't get past the first scene of the first episode: a battlefield littered with body parts. Yuck.

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Hook those illegal mamas up to breast pumps now! Make them earn their way into our country by feeding our babies.

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In fact, the co- founder of Netflix is the great-grand-nephew of Edward Bernays.

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