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If I don't become an attorney and inherit I won't own my own home on my own. I don't want to hook up with someone just for them to help with the bills.

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How many of these ultra-rich kids are pissed off at mom and dad and the things they do as a young adult reflect that?

Black boyfriend and possible black grandkids screams pissed off at YOU.

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Hospitals were made for meat eaters. Now weren't they? Exactly.

Off you go to stupid land.

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"You have not seen the all-cause-mortality studies, have you? Every country has run at least one" "You will never find an answer in a study, because it isn’t real life. " + LOL Plenty of them. You are the one who said there were some. None for the opposite. Eat the bugs. Vegans won't.

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Its all part of their plan. People giggle and poke fun at blue cities and then they get funding and the illegals stay. Its all fucked up.

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The only deficiency from whole food plant-based is B12, D3 and those can be gotten from plants themselves in supplemental form.

Eat the bugs. Vegans won't be


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Plenty of vegans that have not. Go full carnivore. There are plenty of issues from that as well in time.

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Hospitals were made for meat eaters, retard. But hey, get stuck eating bugs. Vegans won't be.

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and yet many do just that. Live longer than most.

Sorry. There are no deficiencies that can not be overcome by plants.


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Arnie? Of course, don't eat a plant-based diet because he took steroids. Don't drink water either. Just to be safe.

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Plenty of vegan athletes who do just fine. Soy protein isolate is not your friend. Pure soybeans are. Stay away from processed food of any kind.

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Meat has fiber? You really do need that, don't you? Maybe not. Maybe you know so much more than, well just about everybody. Why is Arnold going plant-based?


Hurry, go rescue Jordon from his vegan body-building ways. He needs you so he doesn't become so weak he cannot protect himself. https://consciousmuscle.net/

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Actually, you are wrong. many have lived very normal lives without animal products. But you go ahead and keep telling yourself that. The only thing a true vegan would need to supplement is B12 (some mushrooms have it) and D3. Thats it. And non-vegans have to supplement it too.

But hey, the OP is about why they make vegan processed food look like animal products. And its to wean people on to whole food plant-based eating.

Remember, hospitals were made for the meat eaters.

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Depends on where I am at. THere may be plenty of plants to survive.

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Processed vegan, but not whole food plant-based vegans.

The latter has zero to do with the former.

The former is to wean animal eaters onto whole food plant-based eating.

Plant-based eating is very cheap and they will outlast everyone if SHTF. Some know how to forage.

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You are thin because you smoke. Die from smoking. No skin off my nose. Nobody wants you to be thin or fat. And don't write so much to strangers. It makes you look bored.

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"I’m really healthy except that I smoke"

LOL. Give that up and see if you become your worst nightmare. You are not showing five kids how to be healthy. Go on. I dare you. Give it up.

Fat bottom girls make the rocking world go round.

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