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Oh noes!!! Not pro China!!1!!1!! After what I've seen, the US is a joke compared to China, so I'm making plans to move there as soon as possible.

Have fun staying here with the retarded Biden administration.

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You are dumber than any leftist I've heard in a while. And that's saying something.

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You can look it up yourself, dipshit. As if the US gov't hasn't killed people, including many of its own citizens. Fuck off.

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Suuuuuuure you can. Please film your 10x as appealing vid and show me. Since it's so easy and all.

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I linked mine first. You ignored them, so I ignore yours.

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What "unsustainable model"? You realize it's not top-down, iron-fisted gov't control of the economy, right? This is not the Soviet Union.

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Don't give a fuck about the people? Then why do so many people look happy there? Please show me all the misery you speak of.

Oh, and what nation isn't built on the bones of their people?

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Did you even watch the video I linked?

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Dude, just stop. Open up your eyes and take a look at modern cities in China, like Guangzhou. Look at how clean and maintained it all is. Look at the beautiful parks. Do you see any unhappy people there? What are you gonna claim? Thousands of people walking around are all paid actors?

Look at the massive food portions. Look at the impressive shops and architecture. People freak out about "learning Mandarin", but vids like these make me want to learn Mandarin and move there myself.

The largest US city I live by, Spokane, is a total fucking dump compared to this. Entire neighborhoods in Spokane should be condemned and burned to the ground.

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Yeah, but their version of communism isn't what it used to be. Take a look at pics of Chinese cities, their infrastructure, their high speed rail, airports, dams, and so on. Does this look like a city on the verge of collapse?

Compare that to parts of Detroit. Sadly, many parts of China make the US look pathetic.

None of this excuses their human rights abuse, but you won't see the collapse of China within your lifetime.

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100% agree. The kung flu should have been on page 8 of the NYT as a slightly worse version of the seasonal flu. Instead, they've turned the world upside down.

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Exactly. What good are lawsuits or bankruptcy if a Dem controlled congress will just give them a bailout bill under the name of something absurd like the "Freedom of the Free Press Act"?

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Which is why communities.win, gab, bitchute and so on need to kick out leftists immedietly. Once they take over, their only tool is censorship. They will never give you a fair voice because their ideas suck and all they do is shut you down.

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Well then by your logic, I could never buy anything from anyone or anywhere ever again because all corporations are garbage and most mom and pop shops don't have the shit I need.

I might as well walk everywhere too since most car manufactures are scumbag corporations as well. And also screw buying gasoline right?

Yeah, that's exactly right. I can't believe you don't see your own hypocrisy. It's amazing how you believe they are scumbags, yet continue to use and benefit from their services.

show me a viable and realistic alternative and I'll switch over today. Problem is, you can't.

YOU find the alternative. It's not my problem.

Apparently, you don't realize that EVERY corporation started as some mom and pop store somewhere. Walmart started as a single convenience store in Bentonville. Amazon was just a single website that Bezos operated from his garage. People are starting their own businesses right now that you have never heard of, and some of them will be massive in 20 years.

Take reddit for example. We all stuck with reddit when TD was still on there, even though we fucking hated the site. As soon as .win was created, we jumped over and never looked back.

Back in the day, I loved reddit. It was my favorite site. When they started sucking, I went there less and less and barely visit it now. The leadership sucks, therefor I stopped using it. And you can thank reddit for shooting themselves in the foot. If it wasn't for their bad decision making, TD.win would never exist.

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Yes, it is hard to understand. Bezos runs Amazon. He is responsible for it's current state. If you like Amazon, then you can thank Bezos for it.

The same with every other example you gave.

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I order food several times a week via food delivery apps and get incorrect or missing items about 25% of the time.

All that does is prove to me that those people need to be replaced as well. And I don't blame them, either.

"Hi, I'll take 2 Big Macs, one with extra cheese and no onions, the other with extra onions and no cheese. 1 double quarter pounder. 3 filet of fish, one with no sauce. 2 hash browns. 3 cokes and one sprite. 2 medium fries. 1 large order of fries. One large chocolate shake and one medium strawberry shake, and one baked apple pie."

Now multiply that by hundreds of orders every week. Yeah, fuck that noise.

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I hate Amazon's leadership, but I dont hate Amazon.

What does that even mean? A company IS represented by it's leadership. If you don't like the leadership, stop shopping there until that leadership is replaced.

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This is infuriating. I guess 0>15 in her smooth brain.

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Hasn't changed all year here in Idaho. Walmart still offers gas at 1.99 per gallon. The Exxon's and others charge about 2.05-2.10.

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But the BIG CORPORATIONS dont want that

This is depressing, but very true. Big corps were once nothing but ideas that started in someone's head. And now that they'd won the free market capitalism game, they want to make sure no one else has that opportunity.

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I love how even on many, many youtube channels that push nothing but leftist bullshit where the "reporters" are using words like "Trump's baseless election fraud claims", they get waaaaay more downvotes than upvotes. And the comment section is filled with people saying the election was stolen. People are not fooled.

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Wow. Thanks for that.

Looked up "2020 election fraud" in both google and Qwant.

The very first webpage from Qwant links the Navarro report.

Google is so fucking bad that they won't even complete the word fraud when you starting typing it in. "2020 election fracking" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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To be fair, all the other candidates before didn't have mass mail in ballots and a month to vote, so of course this election's numbers will be unlike any previous one.

Edit: I'm not saying there wasn't fraud. There very much was fraud, so you can stop with the downvotes. All I'm saying is that comparing this election that had mass mail-in ballots, with previous elections that didn't is comparing apples and oranges.

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