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My understanding is that Trump offered to host rallies for him, but Youngkin refused so that he can get some of the suburban women vote.

Personally, I think he is being foolish since this is a turn-out game now, and Trump knows how to turn people out. However, he believes he can make it up.

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Is the EU trying to take over your Judicial system? My understanding is that Poland has passed a number of judicial reforms and that the EU courts are trying to stop you from making any changes.

Is this true? If so, why do you think EU is doing that?

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OP the heading needs to be corrected. Banning Mask Mandates was the violation, not the mask mandates themselves.

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One of the major advantages and disadvantages of the "right" is that it seems to be decentralized.

There is no central hub to all the spokes, which allows enormous amounts of resiliency. However, it seems that it is nearly impossible to get a central message out without being a Trump-like figure.

This unfortunately seems to be drowning important messages like your own. Do you see a way around this?

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It was formed by a most holy droplet

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5 years ago $15 was just fine, 10 years ago $12.5 was good, and so on and so forth. Hmmm, I'm noticing a pattern here...

Nah, I'm over thinking it, I'm sure as soon as its $26 the problem will be solved once and for all.

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I trust God but I do my own research. I trust God but when I see young men dying from heart disease caused by the disease I question its safety. I trust God but I do not deny what I see with my own eyes.


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I don't think so for a few reasons, 1st China believes time is on their side (every year their military becomes stronger along with their economy).

2nd, China is not prepared for a complete fall out with the U.S., their economy is still too dependent on U.S..

3rd, the Chinese want a political solution to Taiwan. They don't want to invade as that would weaken their position globally and could result in a loss.

That said, as explained by the Chinese readout of the Xi-Biden call, Biden caved to China on Taiwan. (The American readout omitted that part). So... maybe? Taiwan is game of Chicken and it looks like Biden blinked first.

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I doubt that, Powell's term will be up early next year. If he wants to keep it, he needs to make Biden happy. Meaning the money printer has to go BRRRRRRRR.

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Is Tylenol made with aborted babies too?

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I don't know, passive investment is taking the market to new levels.

Also foreign investment is through the roof as other countries try to figure out ways to get rid of/store their cash.

That said, most of the stocks in the S&P 500 are actually below market trend, the reason why the market is going to the moon is because of a few growth stocks such as big tech.

There is also the federal reserve to consider, as they keep pumping money into the market.

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Richard Baris is great, America's best pollster as far as I'm concerned.

Also he is 100% correct, what makes you think one person can overturn 40 years of indoctrination?!?

Republicans have 0 presence in California, the state party has done nothing for its entire existence, and now you expect one man to magically convince a bunch of brainwashed sheep to vote red?

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Umm, are you serious? This is from 2014... It says it at the bottom.

I don't understand the point you are trying to make.

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Fake News, include shitpost tag. I actually watched the Biden Speech and the "reporting" is pure nonsense. The website looks like a less funny BabylonBee.

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If that were true, there would be a million plus selfies of "it" on Instagram

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