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I grew up on In-N-Out. I took a trip to South Dakota after Trump's 4th of July celebration last year. Culver's is very good too, can't lie.

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I have a list, you should too. You should also be smart enough to know not to publish that list.

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Should have smashed a doll house over his head when he had the chance.

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Lol if you've been around the Conservative rap game like I have for the last 2 years, you know things. This was a lazy line by Bryson, regardless of what anybody says. They all hate Loza, and he's the one that's had the best song in the Country for the last week.

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Horrible. I understand the bar. Let's rap about Arnold Schwarzennegger and forget about "Screw your freedom" and do songs about The Rock laying the smack down, who cares that he endorsed Joe Biden right?

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It's pretty easy to Google him talking about Jews and white people, it happened on his podcast last year. Bryson should be a little more aware, instead of just trying to rhyme words.


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That Nick Cannon bar in the hook is extremely tone deaf though.

"White people don't have souls because they lack melanin"

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Covid is real..ly fake and gay!

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If basically all of her political positions were flipped she'd be a catch, in my opinion.

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She's objectively attractive too. These are the ONLY reasons she's in office.

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I was raised by a black stepfather, surrounded by black cousins and grew up with 90% black friends. The racist comedy makes me laugh every single time. I love black people and the culture, but not the ghetto stuff that we aren't allowed to talk about.

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One thing I don't understand, why do black women struggle to grow their natural hair but black dudes can have dreadlocks down past their butt in a couple years?

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Why don't your friends also want to sell their houses and move? Lol

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That topic is actually pretty based, I was surprised.

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Everybody knows the risks of eating raw cookie dough, and some still choose to do it. They're free to make that choice.

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If this had been a green haired weirdo in Portland... ah well I stopped supporting the police when they did this to Trump supporters in Salem before January 6th, and nobody talked about that either.

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All the people willing and capable of doing that work moved to Red states.

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