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Destiny, if we're being completely honest. That's the only liberal I respect because he debated Nick Fuentes in good faith on Ukraine and ended up conceding. He also calls out the BS of the Left.

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Not gonna argue with you there, but I will say that if what you say is true, I give even less of a shit about Ukraine. I'm a proud Ultra MAGA extremist!

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I'm looking forward to when the nukes drop, and all of their money is fucking worthless. Survival of the fittest, the good go to Heaven, and the evil burn eternally. Let's get it on!

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I can't imagine living rent free for 2 years at my friends property and then back stabbing him. Kino Casino are a bunch of homos.

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Being a liar makes someone a horrible person.

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What do they think it will be used for? To stop boys from getting shit streaks in their undies?

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Continuing to eat processed food would kill us faster.

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Speaking of Cozy, if you're a young man you should absolutely be watching America First and the other streamers on Nick's platform. Finding this community white pilled me, the future is bright friends! Christ is King!


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You can tell it was a black nigga gang shooting because nobody on Twitter really cares.

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He has to wipe all perma bans and give us all a fresh start. That's the only way.

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Black Stephen Paddock vibes

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I know Jesus my friend. Do you know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?

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The only problem for them is it's not going to be a Trumper, or even a Republican that does it. It's going to be an uninformed NPC that suddenly has a Transgender 10 year old son dating a 40 year old man and they're going to see that narrative being pushed in a Disney movie and lash out. This is inevitable when they strip away moral after moral from society and continue demonizing the few that stand opposed.

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I hope it happens too. I'm so far right now, and so black pilled that I want to see how far Liberals push their agenda. Nobody on our side is going to stop them, let's see how crazy things get before somebody finally goes nuts and shoots up Disney World, or Capitol Hill, or a planned parenthood. I do not care anymore.

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It's become very apparent over the last 2 weeks that this was organized by glowies. Take it from someone that's had nothing better to do but watch this around the clock since they left California.

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These people are receiving thousands of dollars in donations for driving home at this point. Loved the convoy a month ago, but now I see it for what it actually is.

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