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The reason they're denying it is because it would implicate Fauci and Obama and the Deep State ain't got time for that!

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Ahhh skeet skeet mo fukka!

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"President Trump was also popular in... every nation that has citizens with at least an average IQ"

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We don't want to bring in new people. Bryson says all the time letting the LGBT in MAGA was the downfall.

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I mean they're already marketing this crap pretty hard to kids with the Kellogg's cereal and Blues Clues & Rugrats stuff.

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The gay bullsh*t is one of my favorites. I've been alive for over 3 decades and suddenly June is Gay Pride Month lol

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My ex step sister was raised in church and one day she decided she likes to eat pussy so her, her Mom, and sister all turned their back on God and the Bible. Coincidently around the same time Hillary was running so we all absolutely hate each other now. Hell is real.

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Reminds me of 9/11, everyone pointing the fingers overseas when it's likely our own Government that's responsible.

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If you used to be a sports fan and don't care about getting banned from the stadiums, this is a great way to go out!

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Offensive humor will always be the best form of comedy, especially if it's not intentional.

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Well he's clearly a RHINO, and people in rural Oregon think they're better off with him than Kate Brown?

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Imagine how they'd be now if the swampland didn't ban him over "mUh InSuRrEcTiOn!"

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Money talks, it's sad but I also unsubscribed and I really enjoyed Coyote's content. Hopefully his Bill Gates check makes up for the ad revenue he'll lose over the next few years.

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Who could have guessed Conservatives like animals and the outdoors and sh*t?

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PETA tried to shame Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt with a billboard so he had a BBQ in front of it.

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Nah that's a very good point, especially about the Corporate Ministry. I never thought of it like that.

WCW introducing the new World order is what really forced Vince to become more edgy.

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Interesting, I grew up watching the Attitude Era and all it made me want to do is become more masculine and enjoy titties at a young age.

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I moved from there to the great state of Oklahoma and locals think I'm the crazy one for leaving there. I'm amazed at how many people actually don't realize the West Coast has become a giant dumpster fire.

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This makes no sense. Nobody is alienating anyone except you by putting black people in a box just like Democrats do. But carry on, I really don't care about racism anymore.

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I "simp for the 'gros" as you put it, like Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Bryson Gray, and many others that use their platforms to "Dance for the white man" as the left puts it.

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