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I'm only on there for the Pokemon Go sub. When they get political I like to take subtle jabs from time to time. I got a mod to apologize to me and overturn a ban when I was obviously being sarcastic. It's fun to mess with them.

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Can confirm after watching the Kyle Rittenhouse video that real life can be an 80s action flick if you're well trained and 17 (apparently)

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Her death won't be in vain, this next round of lockdowns is going to bring the guns out.

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Yeah I'm not trying to say it hasn't killed people, or ruined a lot of lives. I'm just saying at this point, the mass hysteria, the vaccine push, the masks, the shutdowns, the fact that they still won't admit it came from a lab... it's all fake and gay.

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Asstroglide is the only Doctor recommended butt cream that actively defends against most STDs.

Token black queer: "So I can keep living my life the way I want to" smiles into camera

Side effects may include high blood pressure, heart attack, temporary paralysis, loose bowels, and colon cancer. Asstroglide does not prevent or treat HIV/Aids.

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"1 commie, 2 commies, 3 commies, 4/ banana clip, cock it back and watch 'em hit the floor" -Loza Alexander


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It's funny because if he made this statement out of ignorance, then where's the apology? Drew Brees apologized for honoring the flag within 24 hours.

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She must be so mad that everyone thinks she's Trans.

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"In doing so, they exposed themselves to anyone not already paying attention."

Blexit and Walkaway have entered the chat.

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It's gonna be real interesting when the people with nothing left to lose truly have nothing left to lose.

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Willy owed us one for freeing him.

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Have you ever watched Anthony Brian Logan's YouTube? I know it will never be the same, but ABL credits Rush Limbaugh a lot and definitely draws inspiration from his show.

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It's why they only stopped counting in swing states.

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Who are you guys talking about? Nancy Pelosi told us his name was George Kirby before kneeling in a kente cloth.

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Kate Brown is just as bad. Entire towns in Oregon were burned to the ground last year.

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