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God, please protect Elon if he is not the Anti-Christ... that'd be great... thanks!

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Better believe you would be tried for sedition if you try this at home folks! ((Garland)) would be on you like white on rice.

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Massie needs to run for President. All out AF.

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Has no business being as high as it is. The real number (w.o fed manipulation) is likely 15k +/-.

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Trump was the "bed shaker" for me. I saw how much our economy improved in 4 short years... and when they stole the election in 2020...

My transformation was complete.

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She tells me "I make her feel like a woman, bro! I have never met a she/her tell me that!"

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Now I won't picture O'Keefe w.o girly hair... thanks man! lol

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Tel Aviv! lol... every... fucking... time... The letters “UN” shimmer on a white SUV – a United Nations official car in Tel Aviv. A man is sitting in it – on his lap is a woman in a red miniskirt. She rubs against him. What happens after that is unclear. The car drives away. The chauffeur seems unmoved by what is happening in the back seat of the car.

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Still waiting on that "Our greatest Ally" flair.

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I am just praying he was double vaxx'd and boosted x2. It could have been much, much, worse.

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