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I can't wait till you all understand that there is no reasoning with them.

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Eventually, the cucked right will get past the giving a shit about heckin' Fascism or Communism.

Can we just find a fucking way???

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Russian False Flags... smh... Who wants to bet the weapon used was top-of-the-line?

KGB does FF, too.

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I've never seen a box of crayons attack the lighter color crayons. Imagine owning a box of crayons and having 3 out of the 4 darker colors rape, rob, and murder the lighter colors....

this is not as philosophical as he believed it was.

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Bumbling old faggot... and don't get me started on that cocksucker Joe.

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Wait... They were attempting to demoralize us? Not only do they suck at life... They suck at psy-opping.

What a bunch of incredulous faggots.

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smh... when can we start using a different reference? The entire dichotomy of "Muh bad Germany" has been played out. There are no more threads left on the bolt. It is as bad as Lefty memes at this point.

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Would you believe that the Iranians are backing the Christians and Israel is backing the Muslims in the Caucaus region?

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I am fairly certain this is one aspect of the infiltration from Communists.... think about it...

They want you to focus on the outlier. The outlier is the hand they want you to focus on. If one does fantastic work and the other 3 rape, rob, and pillage.

Outliers mean nothing. We need that to be 3 of 4 in order to not succumb to the cultural rot the non-outliers bring.

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Outliers are only outliers. When only using outliers (and ignoring the rest of the data), it seems to be more dangerous. It is faaaar more detrimental to allow 75% of the problems to occur on the basis that 25% of them are "good people".

That doesn't seem like something that is favorable imo.

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*"Gas Prices!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!"

"Let's make sure you vote D!!! Yasssss for zippertits and forearm skin wieners!!! Tried, true, and Blue!!!!"

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