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The hospital I work at got ventilators donated from Tesla. We were using them last November when we had a record 109 patients. (10 or so vented) But since then, we only have about 5 vented covid patients - most of them substance abuse.

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I know when I was traveling through Yellowstone I could access this site but only the text would appear. No videos or images. Wonder if they are having the same issue?

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Good news is I dont have anymore media accounts to care.

This is the hill to die on.

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I work with woke ladies, but there are also plenty of soft spoken conservative women in the mix. I would not deny either their right to vote.

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I worked with the same situation. What I've found is with our new treatments (anticoagulants/immune boostes) we've avoided putting nearly all our covid patients on ventilators. This has made covid less concerning and more of an annoyance. Still, they don't see the improvements but only what was.

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Especially when you understand the risks, weighed them, and deemed them worth it.

On our Geriatric Floor, patients with severe dementia that need constant reorientation are on of the qualifiers to have a person sitting next to them at all times.

If the nurses want to be assholes about it, and some will, the best course of action is to demand to speak to their supervisor. You lay out your case, and say that you have a right to be with the patient.

It generally works, so long as you don't raise your voice and disturb the other "guests"

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The restrictions are put in "if it only saves one life" regardless of the countless that die because of the restrictions.

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No patient is being put at harm. They all have private rooms. The patients first visitor had left, and according to that nurse only that one visitor could come back.

That is not policy, they are allowed 1 visitor, and it doesn't designate who. When the son wanted to come back, I let him back. Since the daughter had left.

There are no other patients near him, he went into the room to be with his father.

Don't be obtuse.

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Mostly vaxed, but its because most of the elderly in my area are vaccinated and the elderly make up a majority of admissions.

As for covid admissions its currently 40/60, most unvaccinated.

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I'm a woman, and what I've observed has got me feeling this runs both ways. Its a generational thing, the older nurses care more, these newer nurses just want to be right and to "prove themselves" at the sake of everyone else.

The doctors are just doctors, male or female.

The young male nurses act the same way as the female nurses, which boggles my mind. I see them and wonder where the fuck they put their balls because they keep forgetting them.

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It definitely feels that way these past few weeks.

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I'm a woman, and I definitely do not agree with this.

Women, who are raised correctly, aren't total wimps who need to seek help from the nearest authority figure.

If you're raised correctly you have a fucking spine and know what to fight for.

I think most women don't have a spine, and are cowardly emotional beings, but thats not because they're women. Its because the fathers have failed.

I think instead it should be those that have an "investment" in the country that should be allowed to vote. People who own land & property. However, that gives the government the option to take away land & property from those they dont want voting.

The system we have was working until it wasn't. So let's get it working again without stepping on my rights.

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I cant really say, but I have access to every patients chart that comes into my hospital and I meet patients frequently.

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Wow. As a woman I completely disagree with the end of your statement.

Women seek a security blanket or empowerment because of those that raised them I had a strong father in my life who taught me how to fend for myself. Should I not be allowed to vote?

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I feel like it comes down to "I'm a nurse, so therefore I'm the the default good. I could do anything, think anything, and it will always be good because I am a Healthcare worker!"

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Can't change your mind if I agree with you!

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I doubt they would ever stoop that low, but I do feel like they have dehumanied themselves too far.

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I started this job for the money to help me pay my loans since my industry shut down due to covid. I liked it up until recently.

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I wrote "My freedom does NOT end where your safety begins. If you're so worried, YOU get the vaccine and mask up.

I'm not afraid, nor will I cower to whatever demands my idiot governor tries again. "

And this was their reply.

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