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Historically accurate.

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I like saying, "Just say no to drugs."

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I'm not a grown man sitting here bawling my eyes out. Yeah, I just ate something spicy. That's it.

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Throw in a few shares of DWAC, sign an agreement you will not subject your sperm to spike proteins, and stop ordering soy lattes at Starbucks and it's a deal.

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I support death (or exorcism at a minimum) of a lot of the demon-possesed people in power recently.

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Another possibility is finding someone to take the role of a matchmaker. Tell then some basic requirements and have them ask around.

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Homeschool networks are a gold mine for future wives/husbands for your kids.

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Where's arrangedmarriages.win when you need it?

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Go to contexts where it is more likely she is a pure blood, and not a male: certain places in Asia, Poland, Hungary, conservative churches, conservative events, pro-freedom. Look for those not wearing a mask, etc.

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Never trust that reporter again?

Who ever trusted her in the first place? Nina Thotenburg is a long time Fake News demon.

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I pretty sure it is supposed to be, "Because they black."

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Good post. But the side of evil is fighting strong. We need to fight back. Staying strong as a nation comes from the destruction of the evil ones taking power. We have to unite in prayer like David did against the wicked. May God destroy them and send them to the depths of hell. That is the love for neighbor we need now.

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What do the majority of other countries in the world so if you illegally cross their border?

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