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Well, in Minnesota (and I speak from actual experience), you run to the cops and tell them the rioters are smashing cars and setting things on fire.

The cops tell you they are not rioting, but protesting. Then as you ask them to please do something, the cops tell you they were ordered not to engage. Then the cops walk away as a massive chimp out burns down your city.

And then Keith Ellison doesn't prosecute while people are STILL waiting on insurance to pay out.

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Oh please. He did it willingly to earn his place on the new world order and to be married to a sheboon.

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Sad that you have to be logged in. Should just go by MAC, IP, DID, and machine name. Doubt a lot of people would want to change all those just to vote multiple times.

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Why would I lie about anything on an internet forum? You think I care about internet points? Check my post history.

Get lost fed. Fuck Ukraine, Russia, Israeli, Palestine, etc. America First.

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I work in tech, and I just treat it as if tech is biased. Best way to get through to other techies.

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Lol. I can see a lot of Minnesotan's saying that. Or something like "If you don't get on the train, you are a racist domestic terrorist."

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It's not just TV. It's all media, including social. And now that Twitter is run by a Russian asset Hitler, they are all on Facebook getting their stories from an echo chamber.

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Libs are too stupid to wake up. They literally think Musk is Hitler now. Or a Russian asset. Not kidding. I asked one how he was compromised and the guy replied "probably Russia".

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Is it wrong to hope justice is served?

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Yep. The whole we got this thing pissed me off. She obviously didn't know or understand how badly they cheat.

Just like Biden, no need to campaign as long as you count the votes.

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You obviously haven't chatted with a liberal lately. Brainwashed sheep that follow the MSM narrative.

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I sent that to a few coworkers and everyone sent me a reply claiming Musk is compromised.

The programming is too much for some people. Of course I live in MN, where we had BLM signs during the midterms claiming that a vote against Ellison and the Democrats makes you racist...

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Aha now it makes sense. I thought it was also a statute of limitations thing.

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This is insane. Are they trying to start a race war? I don't care if it's just in Cali, but to every one of them? What the fuck.

Best part: "The nine-person group is still in discussions over a further 12 issues that could see African Americans given more compensation"

Clown world. For what?

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