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Just that we should have listened to Yuri Bezmenov (Russian Jew that turned his back on the party and tried to warn us all about what was happening. He conveniently died of a heart attack at 53.) My professor made us watch this, and it really should be seen by every American right now as it has aged extremely well from the early 80's. https://youtu.be/yErKTVdETpw

From what I recall, Julius was born to a pair of Polish Socialists that were sent here to spy on us and spread Lenin's propaganda. They came under the guise of escaping the treatment of Jews in WW1 engulfed Europe. The РСФСР (what eventually became the USSR) sent many such agents to foreign countries to keep an eye on things, spread communism, have many children that will later become agents, and report back.

Julius was raised as a loyal communist, along with his 4 siblings. His father Harry had no issues providing for them due to his USSR connections, even though his actual job was a humble tailor and the mother did not work (don't recall her name). All the kids were encouraged to praise/spread communism, and Julius joined the Steinmetz Club in college. New York had a lot of real Jews and that was his in, as Lenin considered them priority targets to radicalize due to them doing generally better than other immigrants.

Eventually he was married and then recruited by the same guy that his dad was reporting to. He dropped out of any and all public communist activities, and used his degree to pass our secrets back to USSR. The sad part is, from all my research - his wife Ethel was just a trusting person that he himself radicalized. Their kids were also all obviously raised very communist. And now we have them writing articles supporting the communist agenda. Sad, just sad.

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Meeropol is a sack of commie shit just like his parents.

His parents were the Rosenberg's. I did a case study on them in college decades ago. Look up "Venona" and you will see.

Commies sent here by the USSR under the guise of being Jews escaping persecution. They then spied for the Soviets until they were caught and thankfully executed. Sad that the rest of their family didn't suffer the same fate.

And of course he now works for the media lol.

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Liberal privilege. Look at the crap lgbtqbbq is getting away with.

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You got a link to the article frien? I just went off the screenshot lol.

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Yep. Fucking scary.

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Can Biden please get Hunter aborted? Late late term abortion and all.

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No, that's BLM and Antifa.

I was in MN during their summer of rioting, theft, oh and literally burning people alive. And that was hailed as a fiery but mostly peaceful protest.... With dozens of democrats telling the rioters to keep doing what they do. The cops also told us they were ordered not to engage the rioters.

Meanwhile the J6 folks were engaged and murdered by the police for doing mostly peaceful things.

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They won't. But the libs don't care about that. Take public transportation or buy an electric vehicle.

It's good for the environment.

Next up they will be coming after meat or property.

Contrary to what we see here's libs are pretty happy with Biden. A coworker told me yesterday that he is ok with gas being $20/gallon since it's bad for the environment anyway. And yes he drives a Tesla, and yes he hates Musk. Go figure.

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They can't meme but this one does convey a point.

It's not incompetence, it's pure malice.

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I especially like all the twitter retards that have the Ukrainian and homo flags in their name....

Gay marriage is not legal in Ukraine, and trans men are still men when it comes to the Army.... But don't let facts stand in the way of virtue signaling.

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All we had to look at here was at how the Michaels are being treated.

Michael Sussmann vs Michael Flynn.

Or hell, BLM vs J6 protestors.

Dems are corrupt garbage that just want to make a buck at our expense, consequences be damned. Sadly, most Republicans are the same way. I see idiots defending Cruz again after all the bullshit he pulled....

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Starting to think that's all the fucking cops are good for.

We ran to these idiots when BLM was burning MN and told them they had Molotov cocktails to set things on fire. The cops calmly told us they were ordered not to engage.

Guessing it's the same damn thing here.

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You are a moron.

I'm glad he was killed. But it should have happened sooner. The cops were useless in this case, just as they were during the Floyd riots (personal experience).

Your post history... Wow what a tool. Oh well, always glad to add more shills to my ignore list.

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I remember Pelosi being proud that her grandkid wanted to be Mexican.

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Just like the out of context story that 3 cops engaged the shooter and were afraid for their lives, so they let him go inside the school? Lol. https://archive.ph/y9bBz

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Here is another source for you.


Basically the killer is inside shooting kids. Parents are telling the cops to go in as shots are heard. Cops don't do it. When parents try to go in, cops stop them.

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He was also engaged outside the school by 3 officers that just gave up and let him go inside the building to kill kids.


The cops aren't on our side. They haven't been since the Floyd riots. Possibly earlier.

We RAN to the cops and told them the rioters have Molotov cocktails and will be setting things on fire.... The cops told us they were ordered not to engage. I thought it was just in MN, but seems cops are fucked everywhere now... Even in Texas.

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