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I hope he understands the gravity of what he's promising.

He outright said "Fix 2020 first." "Return the diamonds."

He doesn't. I'll vote for him anyway, but I don't expect a fair election nor for him to be able to deliver on any of his promises unless Biden drives us into World War 3 first. Then it's a maybe.

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It's just fucking stupid world. Not even clown world anymore. The shit they do doesn't even make sense in clown terms.

by Moebius
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You don't have to eat it.

Till they buy out the competition and faggot Libertarians let them hide all of the toxic shit they put in their "candy."

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Nope. He's not even going to run, he's going to endorse a RINO, then he's going to get behind Trump to save face.

He's too short to be king and knows it. King maker sounds good enough to him.

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We outnumber blacks and browns 3 to 1. We screwed up when we normalized letting hospitals and public schools decide how we bring up our children.

It takes minimal effort to "vaccinate" against degenerate ideologies. What you're seeing is the result of failure by generations of white parents.

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Our culture has gone to shit.

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Guilianni completely fell off the radar after arguing with that so-called "libertarian" whore Kennedy on Faux News.

Lo and behold, he was vindicated on EVERYTHING he said to that ugly dyke, and she even started touting the same intel. Nothing is sicker than the fucked corruption that has eaten away this country.

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If a Demographic overwhelmingly votes in Democrat vermin, they don't deserve to have a sport. It's high time we outsource Football and Basketball to Somalis that identify as ex-slaves.

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They're not physically or mentally capable of sustaining the hours required for production. They may predate children, but mentally, they themselves have advanced little beyond a childhood state.

Weak parents and ineffectual childhood upbringings created this problem - along with worthless public schools that lowered standards to meet guidelines.

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Of course not. Psychopaths/narcissists hate being exposed for what they are. It's the one thing that hurts them besides physical repercussion.

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Over 70 years too late, now. We should've blown away the Soviets and their communist friends over here the minute the Rosenbergs were caught for giving the Soviets our nuclear technology.

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So you didn't know Angela Merkel grew up in the German Democratic Republic under Soviet control, didn't know she was a member of the GDR's "Free German Youth" child indoctrination campaign, didn't know her college education was at "Karl Marx University" in Leipzig, and didn't know she was a top prospect for the German Stasi police force?

That isn't the 'German race' starting more trouble. That is Socialism, a terminal disease of the mind, growing out of control to dominate globalized governance - creating shit like trannies and pseudo-matriarchal forms of government in a world run by financiers that merge corporate power with the power of the State (sound familiar? IG Farben?). Socialism was the ideology we set out to kill - look what the fuck has happened because we lost track of that objective and decided to just kill Germans while working with Communists to do so.

The "NWO" is not a German invention. It is a socialist invention. The failure to root out and exterminate the mental disease after the war damned us to fall straight back into chaos, regardless of how many Germans we fucked over. Shit like Morgenthau made the bed we lie in today. Are you happy with the prospects your great-grandchildren will have if the left-wing socialists win here in the United States?

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Robert is Henry's son, and profited directly from the political and economic ties forged by his father in the course of rewiring the culture and lifestyle of Germany while letting the USSR run rampant in Eastern Europe.

Kissing the ass of a dead Lehman Brother's heir whose daddy wrecked Germany on a basis of race instead of justice doesn't sound like "draining the swamp" or "wrecking the deep state" in any way, shape or form.

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Britain originally belonged to the Gaelics and Brythonics.

Arguably - they were first invaded by the Picts, who carved out a home in Scotland. Depends on how much credence you give early historians and their interpretations, but it sets the ball moving.

After them came the Romans and their Gaul auxiliaries - who did a shit job at controlling the Brythonics, and were too overextended to defeat the Gaels or Picts.

Then, they were invaded by the Angles, who did a good job interbreeding with the Brythonics.

After that, the Saxons invaded, who merged with the Angles and Brythonics.

After them? The Norsemen, followed by the Normans, who were Norse Frenchmen.

All in all, Britain was built by a series of conquerors who had qualified and established pedigrees in conquering. Their culture was, essentially, on par with that of the Germanic tribes, who valued martial prowess and military organization above all else, as a matter of principle and what to breed themselves into.

Now it's being rebuilt by a new set of modern "conquerors," who act more like carrion beetles rather than warriors - consuming the corpse of a once great country.

The same fate that befell Alexandrian Greece and Roman Italy now befalls all of the west - the real men are too small in number compared to the general population of weak men with weak fathers. Such populations are easily defeated by cultures of stupid men with stupid fathers - like the Mongoloids.

by Tesic
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Biden wants to be FDR, not Herbert Hoover, and this is what his entire administration has been about. Getting us into World War 3 to prime a second term is his ultimate goal, because that's a true reset for our economy and enables him with the power he and his handlers need to "reset" our way of life.

"The green new deal" wasn't just a spiffy motto. It's a stark reminder of what his purpose is: to drive us into global catastrophe.

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The Morgenthau political apparatus was built out of a German corpse. The only reason Morgenthau's son was in this position was because of a wide spread system of "population replacement" implemented in Germany while we let the Soviets build their iron curtain.

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There are people that believe such bullshit.

They should be forced to mine coal for free.

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To be fair, Trump was only paid to endorse the Trump trading cards. He didn't receive a commission on successful sales or a percentage of sales as a campaign contribution.

Knowing how thoroughly he vets the people he endorses, the whole NFT trading card deal could've been organized by a Silicon Valley libshit that wanted to snatch free money from our crowd. It wouldn't surprise me in clown world.

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The Pelosi Crime Family is just about even with the Biden Crime Family for criminal mafia of the century.

These people are Capos, at their highest.

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