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Yeah, those people are the reason I'm not surprised the trash elites in this country are doing so well. The 80/20 principle is a sad reality, and 10% of that 80% is an aberration of retardation.

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Let's be fair here. His secret service removed him from the Capitol under duress; the man was a hostage to his own armed security.

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That's correct.

So are most of the people in line here, waiting for the guy that actually does have resources to pull a fucking rabbit out of a hat.

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Maybe he'll log into his "Q" account and say something meaningless and cryptic. That's clearly what we need more than anything.

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Trump's last DOD head, Col. Chris Miller, had some interesting comments on the F-35 project.

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The culture and ideology is the cause. Did you forget all of the white liberals that slaughter people?

Socialism kills.

by Trick
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Cover, more like it.

All of the people saying Sam Bankman-Fried - and everyone that took his donations - should be fried...

...is now going to be accused of "da nazism."

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Schizophrenia happens?

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You should see his interview on Alex Jones.


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Nobody is going to be rallied together by shit. People that vote for Democrats don't deserve to call themselves "American," and most of them live in the states that would be the first to fall. Let the chinks and ruskis go at it until they hit the mountains then drop fucking agent orange on their asses.

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Look at me, not trusting fucking Indians and being right not to trust fucking Indians.

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I'm casting my vote for Donald J. Trump in the upcoming Republican Primary and 2024 Election. By default, I don't have to care what I "sound" like, because I know what I'm voting for.

I don't make excuses, and I don't accept bullshit cult fanaticism. If that's what you're about - that's your problem, not mine. You have a problem with me calling out when he steps in shit, you'll have an even bigger problem if there aren't any people like me in his next campaign - if he makes it that far.

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Our white house is occupied by an illegitimate administration which is causing Americans great pain at the moment, and that is because he gave so many of these fuckups a "second chance" instead of purging the command structure of disastrous waste the minute Covid was announced.

Sessions with Barr.

Mattis with Esper.

HR McMaster with John Bolton.

Pompeo with Haspel.

Comey with Wray.

5D QChess is bullshit. It is a distortion of reality, and does not recognize the reality of the situation. Trump has made constant fuck-ups, left and right. He needs to know to straighten his shit out or else he's going to be fucked like the rest of us. Soft-ball gets you nowhere.

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Obviously not, he fucking has dinner with Dr. Oz and thought he was a red-blooded American conservative.

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Of course, people meet with this fucking nobody because someone sent that fucking nobody to do an agitprop meet&greet to piss people off.

The problem is that the guy who had fucking access to top tier intel just let that piece of shit LARP walk into his house.

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Kanye is a fucking moron sock-puppet being played by CannedAss Owens. I don't think he's evil, but I do think he is a very stupid and brain damaged individual that needs constant adult supervision. Not his fault, lithium does that to people.

It's cool and trendy to agree with all the jew shit but he's just spitting out what CannedAss and her buddies in the grift regime are espousing.

People should've figured out how to discern shit like this after seeing Laura Southern turncoat against the right.

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Liberals, worthless parasites as they are, are absolutely paranoid motherfuckers. The reason that "drink the koolaid" is a joke about them is, they will trust-test your ass until they're sure you are as corrupt and sick as they are.

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Low-key cream of the crop ex-SOCCOM motherfuckers would be more than willing to try their hand at rooting out corruption domestically, yet he picks a piece of shit like Mattis to be the head of DOD and then a corporate cuck like Esper before he considers putting someone like Col. Miller in.

When he finally put the SOCCOM guy in charge, it was already too late to do a single fucking thing and his own government set up their post-Trump pro-Biden agenda.

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