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Really this was all “uniparty” political theatre. Literally everyone knew this vote would fail, and that’s why they brought the vote.

  • McConnell gets to look tough, like he stopped this.

  • Schumer gets to look like he tried.

  • Progressives get to bitch and moan that it wasn’t their fault, it was the white supremacist senate.

  • Manchin and Sinema get the cop out they need to satisfy their constituents.

Think about what that means: They spent the last few months negotiating how to do nothing, so they could all go back to their bases and lie to them.

American Politics in a nutshell.


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Yeah, no.

No room for traitors in the GOP that voted to impeach Trump. There is nothing good or decent about either Manchin or Sinema, don’t kid yourself, they did this to save their own ass.

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