Much like all of you, I am very interested in Making America Wonderful Again.

But I am concerned about something.

I see many of you suggesting that we abandon so called "big tech" platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But should we really abandon them? Obviously, we should not.

Facebook and Twitter are how we connect with our friends and family. We need Twitter and Facebook.

I know they are communists who want us all dead and actively censor information and promote lies as much as they can get away with to do as much harm as possible to the USA, but how else are we supposed to connect with our families??

Be sensible. Be reasonable. Keep using Twitter and Facebook. It's just the normal thing to do. Everyone has it. Everyone uses it. Just be normal and use Twitter and Facebook, please. Stop resisting. Just be a part of the social web. Upload your photos and your GPS data, please. Imagine all the likes and shares you could get!

I mean, we are talking about connecting with old high school friends here. Is that something you REALLY want to sacrifice just for some silly political goals like getting communism out of the country? I think not.

It's fine to keep using Twitter and Facebook after what they've done. It's not a big deal. The USA is just a country. There have been many countries. But there is ONLY ONE WAY to connect with friends and family, and as we all know, we need Big Tech for that.

So please. Stop with the "principles" already and just stay with big tech. Big tech loves us, and we love Big Tech.

Edit: This is this us now: https://patriots.win/p/12j0HvbCcD/x/c/4J9OUK8Muy0 Speak out against Twitter on TD and these fags come out of the woodwork to downvote you and talk about how based it is to have Twitter. Fucking FAGS ? YGWYFD


I'll wear a sign that says "Hey Coke I helped make the world less white is this what you wanted?"

They'll have to respond. It will start a national conversation.

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